Monday, January 19, 2009

Behind the Scenes at Convention

I'm back from the Mesquite show and wanted to thank all of the great folks who stopped by to shop and visit with us! Special thanks to my lovely friend Tex for her invaluable help all weekend long. We worked her hard, yet she kept a sunny smile on her face the whole time:

If you've ever wondered what conventions look like from the inside, here's a peek into our little "show on the road" world. Although I live in Minnesota, our main building is located in Cleveland, Ohio. Usually I fly to our shows and then meet the rest of the crew there, who drive out with the Inky booth in a cargo van and a big moving truck...just like they did this time:

We were so busy unloading on Friday morning that I forgot to take a picture until the truck was almost empty. Oops! Now, of course Inky doesn't take up all that room. We have three sister companies (Stampers Anonymous, Art Gone Wild!, and Darcie's), whose booths also travel with ours.

What started out as an empty, cavernous room quickly got filled up with carts, boxes, and cabinets full of stamps and accessories:

Here are Lee and Joyce moving a table in the Stampers Anonymous booth. Joyce was especially excited to have her picture taken (ha ha...not!):

Then we began to unpack. And unpack. And unpack! Things started coming along by early afternoon:

At 4 PM, I stopped with our booth set-up to teach my card class:

Mom and daughter took a moment to show off one of their finished creations:

After class, I had just enough time to clean up the supplies and then put out materials for the Make It/Take It Project Night. Tex continued helping get the booth ready while I was gone, and she did a wonderful job:

On Saturday morning, I got my demo table organized before the show opened:

And by 10 AM, we were ready to rock! The show went until 5 PM on Saturday and then 10 AM to 3 PM on Sunday. After the show was done, we did it all again but in reverse. Tear-down took about four hours, which is pretty typical. Then I had dinner, hit the hotel hay, and flew home this afternoon. It was a hectic but fun weekend!


Kerry D-C said...

ooooh...a behind the scenes peek! And there's my girl, Bev! Hi Bev!

Savor the Journey said...

What a delightful experience!
Love your set-up pictures, and great behind-the-scenes play-by-play.
Thanks so much for letting me work with all of you in Mesquite!

~Michelle~ said...

fun post! I love working conventions. I've worked with a friend who owns a lss. It is such a fun day of teamwork! Sharing stamping enthusiasm is so much fun! :)

Keri Lee Sereika said...

Hey you! IA has a blog!!! WOOHOO!