Monday, January 5, 2009

It's Greek to Me!

On Saturday, my friend Peg and her family came over for dinner. Peg and I taught middle school together about a million years ago (where I also attended as a student, incidentally) before I started Inky Antics, and she's still in the same district but now teaching third grade at one of the elementary buildings. Here she is with her husband (Cory) and their two terrific kids (Jessica, 8, and Reid, 6):

We had a Greek-inspired dinner, hence the title for this post. I've always been an avid "foodie," and I love to read cookbooks, try different recipes, and go to new restaurants. Our menu consisted of several items:
  • Gyros-style meatballs
  • Tzatziki sauce
  • Hummus
  • Pita bread
  • Mediterranean stuffed chicken
  • Orzo with pine nuts and spinach
  • Feta salad with Greek dressing
  • Baklava
Everything was made from scratch, including the pita bread. That was a real hit with Reid, and he tried hiding a couple of pieces in Jessica's purse. We all had a good laugh and sent the extra bread with him in a Ziploc, which seemed like a better choice of containers!

My honey, Steve, made the tzatziki sauce, hummus, and meatballs. I did the rest, but I especially liked the baklava. I'd never worked with phyllo dough before (yes, we actually bought that part ready made, LOL!), and it was much easier than I'd anticipated. They're pictured here with the nut goodie bars that Jessica made last week with her nana, Kathy:

After dinner, we played Jumbling Towers (which is similar to Jenga) and Chutes & Ladders. Then we exchanged gifts since I hadn't seen Peg since early November. Our kitten, Oscar, decided the dog treats they brought would suit him just fine, too:

It seems like whenever we entertain, I cook way too much food. Since Steve and I are the only humans in our household, you know what that means...yep, lots of leftovers for days afterward! Luckily, neither of us minds them. Guess what we had for dinner last night:

You're right! How'd you know? ;-)


Charlene Driggs said...

I'm Lebanese so this menu has my mouth watering!! The orzo sounds absolutely delicious.

~michelle~ said...

Your menu sounds fun! I love gyros and orzo...makes me want to go cook!

Karen (stampin3) said...

love baklava - my aunt makes it for every family reunion.

Jackie Cole said...

HI Jackie, The greek is way cool, I want a taste. Great seeing you this weekend at
Mesquite, Can't wait to use my stamps,
Take good care
Jackie Cole