Tuesday, February 3, 2009

They're Here!

News flash! The Inky Antics Spring '09 collection is now available on our website. Just click on the "Go" button in the lower left corner.

If you'd like to view a PDF file of the supplement first, download it here. Then you can take your time browsing through the pages and making your wish list before you return to the site and go shopping. :-) Please note that our current ship times are somewhat slower than normal due to CHA. But the sooner you order, the higher you'll be in the "queue" to receive the new stamps...so we encourage you not to delay.

To celebrate our latest release, we've got another round of blog candy for you! This time, I'm going to make you do a bit of "homework." (Don't worry, I'm using that term very loosely.) Here's the deal: Take a look through the Spring '09 stamps and leave a note in the comments section of this post telling us which one(s) you like best. You must indicate the item number and name of the stamp. (You're welcome to list more than one, but at least one of them needs to include the item number and name.)

We'll accept entries until Sunday, February 8th, at midnight Central time. I'll randomly choose two lucky winners on Monday morning, who will receive one of the following sets:

The first number drawn will receive the turtle/piggy set, and the second will win the hippo/elephant set.

Now for the fine print: If you post anonymously (in other words, without signing in), be sure to add your name or we won't be able to include you in our drawing. Comments that do not include a correct item number and name from the Spring '09 collection will be skipped in the numbers to be drawn. This particular blog candy is limited to U.S. residents only. Finally, it will be the winners' responsibility to contact me via email no later than February 12th. Yup, that's my tricky way of getting you to return here often. ;-) If I don't hear from a winner, I won't be re-drawing...so please remember to come back and check. I don't want you to miss out!

Good luck, everyone!


amy said...

Wow, I'm the first to state how cute this collection is! I love the owls still, so #2241H, Branch Owl Trio is mighty cute.

Keep it up! Amy


Kim said...

Your new collection is just adorable! I see so many that I just love, but the one that really stands out for me is the elephant! I collect them..strange thing to collect I know!
#1582 - Ellie

Thank you so much for the chance to win some GORGEOUS new stamps!!
Kim P.

Debbie Fisher (debbiedee) said...

can I play? Ü If so,
0310D cupcake quartet
2232G mixing chef
2233G pastry chef

and all the owls Ü

PS: put in your notebook you made to e-mail me *wink*

RustyBird said...

I like stamps 1634G Owliver, as well as 2238J Tree Branch Background. But there are a lot of other great ones there!

Pegg S said...

Yay! I love the new images!! I'm loving the owls -- especially 2237G Stacked Owls, 2242H Owl Couple and the robots are too cute! This one: 0299H Gizmo is the best!

Theresa said...

I love the new stamps!!! I had a hard time choosing just one stamp! Here is my all-time favorite - for right now, anyway: Best Stamper #2294G. Now, if I could pick TWO, I would pick the Stacked Owls, #2237G. These are the greatest!!!! (and that K-9 robotic dog is adorable!!!!!) I just LOVE your stuff!!!
Thanks for sharing!

Gina said...

They are all great stamps. I love the Tweens, the Robots and the Owls are darling. My favorites are the chefs. Pastry Chef (2233G) and Herb Chef (2052G) are at the top of my list though.

Karyl Lee said...

Pick ONE favorite?!?! Impossible!! But, if I must then it would have to be SHAKER CHEF (#1638G). Since I am a salt-aholic it fits me perfectly!! Thanks for another great blog contest! Karyl

Kathy said...

Wow - cute stamps! Hard to pick just one! A couple of my favs are 2242H Owl couple; 1582F Ellie; 2052G Herb Chef.

Jennifer Bradley said...

OK - I wrote down 8 on the first past (trying to sneak this in on my lunch break) and have narrowed it down to three:

Snorkel Girl 0301J (notice she is holding mackbrad the starfish!!!!!!)

Zip 0290G

Penelope 0442E

I also love Manicure Girl - she would be cute on an altered box filled with nail polish - perfect for a tween.

I just have to say IA does a great job offering stamps that would be appropriate for boys!

All right back to work for me :(

Anonymous said...

Great new themes! Groovy owls and design critters make me smile:) So many new stamps to add to my wish list. At the top is
2234G Tallulah & Friend.

Aunt T said...

I'm loving so many of them. Here are a few of my 'must have' favorites ...
2274E Box of Cash sentiment
0243G Inner Tube Girl
0322K Lena - I feel the way she looks some days!
0177F Radio Girl - reminds me of my BFF when we do our family vacations to Myrtle Beach
1638G Shaker Chef - reminds me of my 'farmer's wife sister' who loves to cook

Thanks for the chance to win.


Cheri Howard said...

1585F, Cleo

That cow is just too cute! I love the sentiments, too - there are too many to name!

Sue D said...

I like 2033G Birthday Hoot and 2245J Birthday Owl and I also like Spot Looking Up 0153D. Very cute!

Anonymous said...

I have 3 that I totally love:
0178F: K-9
0290G: ZIP

Great selection of girl stamps as well!

Awna Stark

Linda S. said...

I loved them all. How can I pick? Well, my absolute favorites were:
Not 50- Something, #2285E
Owl Couple, #2242H
Owl I Need, #0413D
Penelope, #0442E

Thanks so much, Linda S.

Anonymous said...

It's hard to pick but I will pick my top 3.
1582F - Ellie
0442E - Penelope
2237G - stacked owls
Thanks for the opportunity to win!
Pam Brown

Jellebean said...

Hard to choose only one but I vote for Sweet Background 10872F. To accompany it would have to be Perfect Mix 0438D.

Helen Berry said...

It was very hard to pick just one favorite as they are all wonderful. Being 66, I love every stamp in the Worldly Women section. My favorite in that collection is Best Stamper, #2249G.

My other favorites are Tallulah and Friend, #2234G and the piggy Penelope, #02242E.

Anonymous said...

I love the 'Worldly Women' (does that give my age away?) In particular, but not exclusively-Not 40 Something #2284E (or Not 50)
Veni, Vedi, Visa #2272D (who wouldn't love this?)
Also love the robots.

Thanks for the chance.

Rene said...

Oh the new releases are so adorable! It's hard to pick a favorite! My favorites are 2257J Owl Buddies and 0442E Penelope. So many other great stamps too!

Rene' Mewes

Anonymous said...

LOVE the new releases!! I have always chuckled with the Worldly Women and my favorite stamp would be 2264D No Quitter (can I get an AMEN).


luvhymns said...

I was just laughing at the owl and older women ones. The ones that I'd love to have here at home are 2285E I'm not 50 something, I'm $49.94 plus shipping and handling! 0443E, "friends of a feather hoot together make a perfect combo with 1544E and 2241H, "we're owl in the family and Branch owl trio. Sure made my wish list! smile, .B.

Beverly said...

WoW! "Wish List"? More like a Wish BOOK! OK Here are my 4 top FAV's:
1. 2295J Beverly...That's MY name & I love to cook!

2. 2262D Morning Person...Because I'm NOT

3. 0441E Night Owl Hello...Because I AM

4. 2284E Not 40 Something...Because I will be in May

Thanks so much for the chance to win the great sets!!

Anonymous said...

I love all of the animal stamps but I think that my very favourite is the Stacked Owls - 2237G.


Linda S. said...

The Spring 2009 Catalog looks great. I like alot of the stamps, but my favorites are:
#2298K - Ardith & Spot
#0876G - Should Accessorize
Thanks for a chance to enter.
Linda Slattery

Chelsea said...

0275F Surf Dog and the Owl sayings 0413D and 1571E are my Favorites!!! Love all of the variety that you guys put together this time ... looks like something for everyone!!

Anonymous said...

Pretty much most of the new girl chefs!
2232G mixing chef and 2256J steamy pot chef... and 0442E Penelope is way too cute! Love your images.


Anonymous said...

It is almost easier to let you know the ones I might not like vs the ones that I do like as the list would be a lot shorter. Howver because I am a night owl and know a lot of other night owls. I will pick the Night Owl Hello (0441E). Margie K

Anonymous said...

So many cute ones. My favorite is Shaker Chef #1638G, but I love the Tweens also.

Ad K.

starqueen said...

Hi Jackie,
There are some really cute stamps in the new release, but these two really captivated me.
Happy Belated #0445F (luv that angel cupcake!) and Penelope #0442E.

Thanks for sharing!

deanna said...

Wow...that's a great new assortment of stamps! It's hard to choose a favorite, but I really like 2245J Birthday Owl and 1571E Owl Be Birthday. Thanks for the chance to win some really cool Blog candy!!

Deanna A.

Anonymous said...

The robot dog is my fav - too cute! 0178F K-9 I have too many stamps to count, but no robots :>)


AShu93 said...

Thanks for a chance to win. I think the Surfer Girl 0300J is adorable & I love her surfboard with the dolphin! --Ann

Susan said...

I think they are all just too cute. OK, so I have to pick one. I like the entire Tweens Group because they are especially appropriate for my granddaughters. My favorite is Best Buds Girls 0303J!

Tracy *SBA* said...

I love the new stamps and the one that I want the most is the Best Stamper 2294G and the little one that goes with it. Eat Sleep Stamp 2271D
I can see making a couple of very cute cards for my swap group with these stamps. They would be so perfect...

Anonymous said...

I love these stamps. My favorite is 1638G Shaker Chef. I can imagine some cute cards using that one.


Shelly K said...

My favorite stamp is 1585F, Cleo. It is sooo cute.


Anonymous said...

Love the sayings stamps and the robots:
1092F Ain't Nuthin
2262D Morning Person
2285E Not 50-Something
2291 Own Little World
2099H Gizmo
0302 Sprocket


KYCrafter said...
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KYCrafter said...
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KYCrafter said...

I am so inspired by the Design Critters by Ronnie Walter. Theses stamps could be used for so many different projects! I can see this whole set as one of my new "go to" sets.

Keep up the great work.

(My two previous posts that I deleted ... the first had a typo, the second was a "sorry I messed up" post. I'm new to this - oops!)

Michelle said...

0446F - Harlow That Hippo is adorable! I also love Ellie. Thanks for the chance to win!