Thursday, February 5, 2009

February Newsletter

I just emailed the February newsletter and realize I made a typo. And I proofread it about a million times before sending it out! (Okay, not quite a million...but at least 8 drafts, I'm not kidding.)

In the newsletter, I mentioned checking Thursday's post. If you're a current subscriber and came looking for the blog candy giveaway, please read Tuesday's post instead. (It's right below.) Sorry for any confusion. :-P

And if you're not yet a subscriber, it's easy to join! Just type your email address into the blue box on the right and click "GO." Since you're already an Inky blogger, you've got inside access to the latest happenings. But our newsletter also contains other info and tidbits, including a convention coupon reserved only for subscribers.

Happy reading!

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