Thursday, February 19, 2009

Square Box Template Tutorial

Thought I'd whip up a quick Easter project to bring to the convention in South Carolina this weekend! Our X2-2940 Square Box Template is part of the Gifts In A Snap series. (If you type "template" in the search box on our website, you can view the whole collection). Here we go:

1. Stamp the image three times on cardstock. (I've used Darcie's PAC1344 Pastel Multi Stripe, which is 80# cover weight patterned paper, and stamped on the "wrong" side of the paper.) For the first impression, ink the entire stamp. For the second impression, omit the window area by inking only the outer portions of the stamp. For the third impression, only ink the center box and right shaded side.

2. Cut on all solid lines, and score on all dotted lines.

3. Pre-fold all the score marks inward. Apply adhesive on the underside of the window tabs, and press them down. (The photo below shows two of the tabs after they've been pressed down.)

4. Apply adhesive on top of the folded window tabs, and lay down a 3" x 3" piece of acetate. (I didn't take a photo of this step, but you can see it done below.)

5. Match up the two "shaded" panels, placing one panel on top of the other and attaching it with adhesive.

6. Fold the right half of the box over the left half, and attach the two non-shaded panels together to close up the other side.

7. Flip the box right side up so the window is facing you. Close the top and bottom flaps. (The photo below shows the bottom of the box already closed.)

8. Now you're ready to attach the cover. Place adhesive on the shaded panel, and attach it to the left side of the box.

9. Decorate the inside cover as desired. For this project, I used our 3210B Mini Easter stamp and cut out the circle and scalloped circle with Nestabilities dies. Then I added white stitch marks on the scalloped circle with an Inkssentials pen. To hold the box closed, I attached Basic Grey's Magnetic Snaps. (These things are so nifty! Or a ribbon attached to the outside of the box would work well, too.) Oh, yeah...and I filled the box with chocolate. That's the most important step, LOL!

10. To decorate the outside, I used 0796H Bunny Wonders and the Nestabilities dies again. This time, I embossed the scalloped circle to give it added definition.

And that's it! The finished box measures 3 1/4" L x 3 1/4" W x 3/4" D, so it's just the right size for holding all kinds of yummy treats or other small gifts, such as lip balm or jewelry. What about a get well box filled with cough lozenges and a small tissue pack? Or a "birthday in a box" with cake candles, confetti, and a balloon? Bet you can dream up lots of other ideas! (Please feel free to share them with us in the comments section.)

* * *
I'm headed to Columbia tonight, dear readers, so I'll be back on the blog early next week. See you again soon! :-)


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oh my word this is so cool!

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Cute box! Love those magnetic snaps.

Chelsea said...

These are sooo cute ... I love the magnet idea!