Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Chicken Hello & RAK Challenge

Recently I received an email from Marie, who wrote the following:

"This has been a very difficult start to 2009. Friends of mine have been diagnosed with cancer; had a family member diagnosed with cancer; have fallen resulting in a broken hip; and suffered the loss of family members. Finding the right card has been a challenge since emotions swing from tears to laughter. The [3504K] Bouquet Chicken with [10777D] Chicken Hi are perfect for cheering people up without causing tears or making light of the situation. These are a few of the cards I will be mailing to help spread a little happiness.

Thank you for creating these wonderful stamps. They are a joy to work with. You can't help but smile when you use these delightful stamps. Your stamps make me happy and I am sure that the recipients will smile a little when they receive these cards."

Attached were pictures of these four lovely cards she'd made:

When I asked Marie if I might have permission to share her note and photos, this was her gracious reply:

"Everyone loves to know that someone is thinking of them. If I can bring a bit of joy into their lives, it makes both of us happy. Please feel free to post the cards and the story. Everyone is feeling stress in some way and sending/receiving cards is a great stress reliever. Perhaps it will inspire others to take the time to send a RAK card to someone."

* * *

Marie's message reminded me that this wonderful hobby can still touch people's lives in a small way. Isn't that one of the coolest things about stamping? It's therapy for both the stamper and the recipients.

So, with that in mind, I wanted to issue a RAK Challenge to our readers in honor of Marie. As an added incentive, I thought it'd be nice to attach a little blog candy to this activity! To participate, think of someone you know who might benefit from a bit of stamping cheer. Send them a RAK card, and then leave a note in the comments section of this post telling us you've done so. (Yup, we're on the honor system here, folks!) You're welcome to send more than one RAK, but each person gets one entry regardless of the number you mail out.

We'll accept entries until Tuesday, March 31st, at midnight Central time. I'll randomly choose the winners on Wednesday morning, who will each receive a cute set of Easter and/or spring stamps from the classic Inky collection with a $20 retail value (our choice, please). There will be one prize package given for every 20 people who participate, up to 5 packages total...so that means more prizes if more people play! Please ask your stamping buddies to consider joining Marie's RAK Challenge.

As usual, be sure to add your name if you post anonymously (in other words, without signing in) or we won't be able to include you in our drawing. It will be the winners' responsibility to contact me via email no later than April5th. If I don't hear from the winners, I won't be re-drawing; please remember to come back and check by the deadline.

Finally, this isn't required to play, but we hope you'll choose to use Inky Antics stamps in your RAKs. If you do, we'd love to see what you make! You can email .JPG files to me at inkyantics@aol.com. I'll post them as time allows to help encourage others to participate. We hope you'll help us spread some joy the stamping way! :-)


Gabriela (Gabi With An Eye) said...

jackie - What a wonderful challenge! I've actually been sending weekly RAKs to three friends over the past 2 years. One had 2 heart attacks and 40% of his foot amputated. The 2nd individual underwent brain surgery in November for a cancerous astro-glioma (same thing Ted Kennedy has), and the 3rd recipient of my weekly RAKs is a coworker who underwent her third back surgery last month. I'll email you photos of my various RAKs shortly. Thank you for the awesome challenge!

Marie said...

Anyone who has an "address" is a candidate to receive an RAK in the mail. Today I sent "Just a little note to say, Hope you have a wonderful day" (7310F) to several people. People who visit this site probably make cards so sending a card will probably result in an "Inky Smile" for someone.

de said...

What a great idea! I just discovered Inky Antics and have received my order. And I actually used the stamps on my last RAK! It's the one with the girl and the frog drinking martini's/cosmos. With the saying "Frogs. Princes. I've kissed them all." Too cute.


Deloris said...

Perfect timing for this challenge. I needed a card for a little boy who is having a tonsilectomy (not sure I spelled that right???) so I picked bright cheerful patterned animal paper and of course my favorite Inky Antics stamp with a puppy hugging a kitten. Thought he could use a hug....

(Jackie, I'll email a copy to you tonight.)


Anonymous said...

I entered the RAK challange Ann Goepfert, goepfert@juno.com.

Jenny McGee said...

I just went to the StampArt Tour in Phila. yesterday and had to play with some of my new toys. SO, I started making a few cards. I will finish them up today and get them in the mail. I think one will go to my mother and one to my sister just as a pick me up. Jenny M

Jackie Lewis said...

This post is for Becky O.'s email. :-)

Dawn L said...

wonderful challenge...there is always someone in need of a smile!! =)