Monday, June 15, 2009

Visiting With Ronnie

Our next release will be at the end of July, which will coincide with the Summer CHA trade show. In preparation for that, I had another meeting last week with Ronnie Walter at her studio in St. Paul. When I got there, she was working on drawings for new stamps:

I asked Ronnie to stop and pose for a picture:

That was her "portrait" smile. This is more like the Ronnie I know:

Isn't she adorable? (I'm sure she'll gag when she reads my description of her, but she really is so cute! Not to mention super funny, talented, and smart.)

Now, I can't draw to save my life (which is one of the great things about allows anyone to be creative, even if they're like me and can't even manage to make a straight line!), so I'm always fascinated when I get to see the illustration process in person. Ronnie graciously let me snoop through her sketches. Check out this little monkey:

Here's the second draft:

And the final rendition:

Cool, huh? Here's another example:

A bit more refined:

And all done:

In case you were wondering, yes, that was a built-in preview. Both of these little guys are part of the upcoming Happy Monkey collection. We've got more fun themes planned, as well. Of course, we'll have new My Friend Ronnie designs for all you MFR fans!

Speaking of My Friend Ronnie, these sassy ladies will soon be appearing on an exclusive line of greeting cards from Leanin' Tree:

We're excited for Ronnie! Hey, want to help celebrate? Let us know in the comments section of this post the item number/name of your favorite My Friend Ronnie stamp(s). Hint: You can find the complete collection by clicking on the My Friend Ronnie "Go" button on this page.

Entries will be accepted until this Thursday, June 18th, at midnight Central time. One entry per person, even if you list more than one item number/stamp. I'll randomly select TWO winners on Friday, who will receive one of the following sets:

Each set includes a magnet and two pins, kindly provided by Ronnie herself. The first number drawn will receive the "mom's butt" set, and the second will win the "like shopping" set.

Please be sure to add your name if you post anonymously (in other words, without signing in) or we won't be able to include you in our drawing. It will be the winners' responsibility to contact me via email no later than June 23rd. If I don't hear from the winners, I won't be re-drawing; please remember to come back and check by the deadline.

Good luck! Looking forward to hearing what your faves are!


Tracy said...

What a great post, thank you for sharing :)
tracy durcan

Debbie Fisher (debbiedee) said...

I love those monkeys!!!! I love so many of Ronnie's images and have had so much fun designing projects with them that it is so hard to pick just one. I would have to go with the owls and chicks, but now I'm thinking these monkeys are going to be my favorites! Ü

~Michelle~ said...

critter friends are cute....but I agree with debbie....those monkeys look like lots of fun!

Wendalyn said...

THe monkeys are fabulous. My favorite Ronnie Stamp is Holiday Mantra it's too adorable.

Anonymous said...

Out of the 390 stamps she has created, it is hard to pick. I guess my favorite would be #10665K In my PJ's . Love those slippers 8-)!

Theresa Grdina said...

I really like all of Ronnie's stamps...but two of my favorites are these:

The one little margarita in a very large glass (ha ha ha ha) and the stamp that says: Candy Canes make great swizzle sticks! These two make me laugh every time!!! I hope I win! I just love buttons!

Marie said...

I like "Ready to Shop". The way she is holding her purse with her eyes rolled to the side, tells me she is up to something mischievous!

de said...

WOW! That was a REALLY hard decision. If I had to pick just one... OUCH... I would say, One Little Martini! I love the look on her face, the sombrero and of course, the martini. Sentiment is perfection!

Kim said...

I love so many of them, but my favorite is 10638J, On A Tuffet.