Sunday, August 2, 2009

A Surprise From Down Under

Recently I received a wonderful package from my friend Kirsten in Australia. She sent me the cutest heart-shaped measuring cups (which I can't wait to use after I get back from Stampaway next weekend and have some time to start baking again), two varieties of Aussie chocolates (Crunchies and Caramello Koalas that are nearly gone already), and several beautiful cards (made with Inky stamps, of course).

I especially love this set and wanted to share it with you:

You can find the stamps on our website by typing "pirate" into the search box located in the upper right of each page.

It's so cool how Kirsten folded over the corners (in cards one and three) and rolled up the bottom scroll-style (in card two) to give them dimension. Aye, indeed these are a mighty fine bounty o' ideas, don't ye know!

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