Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Chalking With VersaMark

Last weekend and the one before it, we had conventions in Westminster, MD and Rhinebeck, NY. Instead of flying directly to them and coming home in between, like I usually do, I went to Cleveland so I could drive with the gang to both shows and I stayed at Ted & Michelle's house for a couple of days in the middle. It was definitely a lot of fun meeting some of our wonderful East Coast customers, but I do have to admit I'm glad to be home.

While I was at the shows, I received a few requests for instructions on how to use the Shimmer Chalks with a VersaMark ink pad. I'd been meaning to make this video for a while, and now it's done! Here it is, ready for your viewing pleasure:

My next goal will be figuring out how to crop movies. In the meantime, please ignore the vast empty table space and the stack of mail in the upper right corner, LOL!


~Michelle~ said...

OOOh! Thanks for reminding me about this technique again! :) FUN!

Kathy said...

Oh Yay! I finally see what I have been doing wrong - I need to be tapping not brushing it on! duh....