Monday, September 14, 2009

Glossing & Poofing

Here's a quick little card I made using 0082H Enlightened Reindeer and 0011D Bright Season:

Of course, I had to put Diamond Glaze on Rudolph's nose. I've been on a Diamond Glaze kick for a while now because I just love the super glossy finish it gives to all kinds of stamped images. Patent leather shoes or boots, fishbowls, leaves, sunglasses or drinking glasses, bubbles...if it's shiny or wet, I glaze it!

Since the bulb lights are so tiny, I used a Glaze Clear Gloss Pen on those. It's easy to apply with more precision than a squeeze bottle, and I don't have to mess around spreading glaze with a toothpick.

For his furry white front, I added Liquid Applique for another 3-D touch. Did you know you can get two different looks from this stuff? These swatches both show Liquid Applique in Cotton White:

For the left swatch, I spread a thin layer and let it dry completely before using my heat tool. On the right, I squeezed out the Liquid Applique and heated it immediately.

If you haven't yet tried Liquid Applique, it's part of this month's website special. And if it's been a while since you used it, why not dig up your tube and give it a whirl again!

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