Thursday, September 3, 2009

The Great Minnesota Get-Together

Yesterday, Steve and I both took the day off work so we could go to the Minnesota State Fair. This is a big event here, and more than 100,000 people attend each day. We'd already purchased our admission tickets and coupon book in advance, so we were ready for fun:

Now, there's lots to see and do at the fair, and everyone has his or her own particular favorites. One thing I look forward to most, of course, is eating. I always have to start off with a corn dog:

Lovely picture, huh? Not! But, as I was saying, it's all about the food. There's nothing like stuffing your face with a delicious lamb burger:

Or a pesto chicken and cheddar crepe:

Can't forget about the Spam bites:

(Yes, I'll admit it...I do like Spam!) We weren't sure if we'd ingested enough grease yet, so we had to get some fries:

And an elephant ear to top it off:

Foods "on a stick" are very popular at the fair. We passed on the pickle on a stick, s'mores on a stick, cajun seasoned alligator sausage on a stick (although we'd tried the alligator nuggets last year, which were actually pretty good), and corned beef and cabbage dipped in beer batter on a stick (this is a real item, I kid you not). We did get the Swedish meatballs on a stick, however:

After all that food, this is how we were feeling:

Or, to be more accurate, this is how we were feeling:

Deano is Minnesota's largest hog, who weighs in at 1,300+ pounds. That's a lotta bacon!

We were pretty full by then, and even the award-winning cakes didn't look very appealing:

Well, that's not really true. I guess they did look pretty least the chocolate ones, LOL!

Besides eating, my second favorite thing about the fair is shopping. Steve thought these hair extensions were especially flattering:

I absolutely love watching the pitchmen. The SwissPro Peeler guy is the best of 'em all, IMHO:

I let myself get talked into buying a complete second set this year, just because I wanted the new julienne peeler. (Actually, these vegetable peelers really are quite good and I use mine almost every day.) Then I got the Ginsu knives. And the Kitchen Mate cheese grater. Plus some Old Plantation soup mixes and Pastamore aged balsamic vinegar and Asian dipping oil. I stopped just short of the Vita-Mix, which was a little beyond our budget. (My mom has one, though, and says it's great.)

We couldn't miss viewing this year's Princess Kay butter sculptures:

Steve's friend Merle has a cousin who was a butter princess a few years ago. Like all the princesses, she got to take her 90-pound block of butter home. I guess they saved it for several months before the family finally broke down and started using it to spread on toast and pancakes.

The last thing we did was watch a live taping of the local nightly news broadcast:

Oh, and I finished things off with a rainbow ice cream cone:

Tonight I think we'll have some nice low-cal carrots and celery for dinner...prepared with my new vegetable peelers. ;-)


Anonymous said...

The swiss pro peeler guy is a fav of mine also--Dawn and I purchased two of each last year--love them all--even watched the video lol Thanks for the re-cap--not sure if we can make it there this year--going to try for Monday...

Marie said...

Looks like you both had a ful"fill"ing time. I would have loved to try all of those foods.

I really enjoyed talking with you in Hamburg. I can't wait to hear the rest of the "Inky Antics" story.

Dawn said...

too FUN! can't leave the fair without an elephant ear!! and the merchants building is #1 stop!! and ya can't go wrong with easi-hair! although not sure that one is Steve's

Debbie Fisher (debbiedee) said...

It's been a LONG time since I've been to the state fair. Ours is this weekend as well, but we have a family reunion to go to so won't be making the 3.5 hr trip to the fair.