Monday, September 28, 2009

New Experience

This is kind of a random posting topic, especially for a rubber stamping blog, but I tried something different on the weekend and wanted to tell you about it. Have you heard of threading? It's a hair removal method common in India and the Middle East, and it doesn't leave a residue like waxing nor is it as painful as tweezing.

My girlfriend Marilee and I visited a salon in suburban Minneapolis, where technician Reeta expertly wielded her cotton string:

She actually holds part of the string in her teeth, and the twisted thread makes a "zip zip zip" sound as it removes the hair. I've got neatly tended eyebrows and my face is now smooth as a baby's bottom!

If you live in a major metropolitan area, you may want to check out this procedure. It costs about the same (or less) than waxing, and it's super quick. And if you're in the Twin Cities, you can make an appointment with Reeta or get more information by calling New Look Salon at 763-571-1702.


Wendalyn said...

Looks painful

Chelsea said...

I saw this at Mall of America a few weeks ago. Looked very interesting. There was actually a wait to get into the chair!

Interesting to hear your reviiew .. I was very curious.

Joy said...

Next time I'm in the area, maybe I should go! :) You can take me there! ;)

Jackie Lewis said...

Not so bad, least not if you're already used to tweezing or waxing. ;-) Chelsea, I didn't know they do this at the MAO too. Maybe I'll run into you there or in Heights sometime, LOL. You got it, Ms. Joy, anytime!

TexasGrammy said...

Jackie, I've had this on my 'want to do' list since Summer. So glad to know you give it your "stamp" of approval!

:o) Tex