Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Crazy For Coupons & Samples

Over the past couple of years, I've become a self-proclaimed Coupon Queen. Last night I went to the grocery store and saved 40% off our total bill, just by doing a little research and clipping. It really helps stretch our budget, and I find it rewarding to see those pennies really add up.

I've also turned into a Free Sample Junkie. I have received all kinds of trial size (and sometimes even full size) items by filling out online forms. It's fun getting little surprises in the mail!

For example, here's one I signed up for today after reading this post on the Common Sense With Money blog:

It's through S.C. Johnson's Right@Home website, so it's legitimate and I don't worry about sharing my address with them. And below is a coupon/rebate combination I'll be doing this week so I can nab some candles for free:

You can find a post about this on the same blog here. What a deal, huh? That leaves more money for stamps and accessories...yay!


Jackie said...

I have just started using coupons again and I love it! Thanks for the link, I did find a few I can use. I wish they would say that the coupons can't be doubled before printing, though.

Jackie Lewis said...

Ahh, double coupons...we've only got one store where I live that still does that, and it's with several restrictions. Perhaps I need to move someplace that does that (and is warmer than here!), such as NC? ;-)

Kathy said...

Wow - thanks for the great links! Love those coupons and freebies!