Thursday, October 1, 2009

On The Road Again

I was planning to write this entry from Ted and Michelle's house tonight. Jan and I are staying with them this weekend for the Strongsville convention. However, I received notification this afternoon that our flight had been cancelled due to inclement weather. We've been rebooked to leave tomorrow morning, so now I'm posting from home.

Looks like we'll be scurrying to get the booths set up in time, but I'm sure it will all come together in the end. Sometimes we run into these kinds of glitches. A few are bigger problems, such as rescheduled flights. Others aren't so bad...just small blips that add a few extra minutes onto the day. For instance, Lee's daughter Cheri had a little mishap with the Distress Crackle Paint rack at the Westminster show last month:

She dropped it by mistake, and half the paint jars fell out. I think they were only smiling because Cheri told her 13-year-old daughter, Coretta, that she'd pay her five bucks to put it back into order:

Meanwhile, Cindi was busy pre-arranging the Tim Holtz Cling Mount Stamp Sets for the Stampers Anonymous booth:

She was super thrilled (not) that I took her picture. Oops, I think that was a warning look for me to move on:

Ted and Joyce didn't mind my paparazzi mood, though:

But soon they were back to work on the Darcie's booth:

It's quite a production to get all our booths ready, and it often takes up to 12 hours. But the shows aren't all just about grueling labor, LOL. You never know what will may see a cocker spaniel driving a car (or parked outside a restaurant, if you want to know what really happened here):

Or Darcie might have yet another birthday in the same year (yup, she was ecstatic about this unexpected event, which was thoughtfully arranged by Ted):

Or you could view the beautiful autumn leaves on your drive home (albeit through the dirty windshield of the big truck):

Maybe have a chance to spot Groundhog Phil:

Or not, ha ha! But it's always an adventure, and I'm sure I'll have more stories to share with you in the future as our stamping journey continues. See you on Monday after I return, and hope you have a great weekend!


Anonymous said...

why did you post all the booths except AGW & Michelle?

Jackie Lewis said...

Sorry, there was no intended exclusion there. :-( Actually, the Inky booth isn't pictured either. I was just taking random photos of what I saw happening around me during set-up, and AGW was in the row behind us.

Darcie Heater said...

Lol, Like I needed ANOTHER birthday, huh? It was good to see you again at that show, Jackie! Sheesh, I look like I need a nap in that picture.... oh yeah, I came there from Hawaii, which was 6 time zones away, no wonder I was so tired!! Hope to see you in Madison! The dip looks yummy, I'll have to give it a try... :) Darcie

Jackie Lewis said...

You too, Darcie. I don't think you look tired, but the expression on your face was just so priceless, I had to include it. :-)