Sunday, October 11, 2009

Sorting Paper

Neither of us felt very energetic today, so we had a pretty quiet Sunday. But I did get my paper stash cleaned up and rearranged (with Steve's help, which was very nice). Now all the colors are in order:

Don't they look pretty? And I know this is going to save me lots of time as I work on future projects. Now if I could just get up the energy to do the same with the other two cabinets and three drawers, I'd be all set...LOL!

Did you have a weekend project that you accomplished? If so, I'd love to hear about it!


~Michelle~ said...

My weekend 3yo dd's birthday! For me to have company lately is a *project*, but we did and all had fun and I survived! :)

Your paper is beautiful! I had a weekend a while ago where I emptied off my *dump table* and put it all away.....not sure how it has become 25% cluttered again already! LOL! :)

Thebug415 said...

We had a couple projects. My hubby installed a new gas fireplace this weekend. THat was the big project. I did a few smaller ones. I was able to pull up all the summer plants, and get ready to put the bulbs in (which I forgot to buy). I also got all the paperwork together for the fundraiser I ran at my DDs' school.
The paper looks great by the way! I recently did the color sorting thing much easier when you need to get CS out!