Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Do you ever get frustrated tying bows? Ribbon is such a fun accent on cards, but sometimes I'll try over and over again to make a bow that looks good and fail miserably no matter how hard I work at it. But my friend Jackie from We're Stampin' Mad recently turned me on to a handy little tool called the Bow-Easy:

It's a plastic template that allows you to make seven different sizes of mini bows, and it actually works. Once I got the hang of it, I had no problem tying bow after perfect single, double, and triple loops and with a variety of ribbons:

I didn't make this video myself, but it's an excellent reference that shows how to use the Bow-Easy:

Jackie carries the Bow-Easy at her store. But if you don't live in the Twin Cities metro area, you can also order it from us by clicking here.

Update on 6/10/10: Here's a PDF file with instructions and step-by-step photos demonstrating the Bow-Easy, which you may also find helpful.

Update on 6/14/10: And here's another PDF file that contains a handy table listing the approximate lengths of ribbon you'll need to make single- or double-looped bows in each of the seven sizes:

Update on 6/30/10: You may also wish to label your Bow-Easy with a Sharpie marker to make it easy to identify which pair of prongs will yield the bow width you want:

(Note: The largest size, 2 3/4", is not labeled on the template above. It's the wider set of prongs shown at the bottom of the photo on the same side as the 1 1/4" size, underneath the Posi-Bendr Co. information.)




foolforstamping said...

Thank you thank you for posting this I got my bow easy about 3 years ago and can't figure out how to use it considering I am left handed it makes it more difficult as I have to do everything backwards lol

Arvydas said...

Many thanks for this information :)