Monday, November 9, 2009

Carnivorous Capers

It was terrific to see so many familiar faces (and some new ones, too!) on Saturday at We're Stampin' Mad, including these lovely ladies:

We made this cute Christmas card:

The main image is our new 0082H Enlightened Reindeer, the saying is 0011D Bright Season, and the background is 0569F Holiday Background.

At the end of the day, I asked Marcia to take a picture of "us two Jackies":

Before I left, Jackie showed me this set of cards using P1-1393 Berry Tree from the Studio 490 Collection at Stampers Anonymous, one of our sister companies:

They featured a couple of different techniques at their monthly Lunchtime Demo over a period of several months, until they'd completed a vast array of projects. I thought it was so cool to see how the same stamp can look entirely different depending on how it's used. There was foiling, dye resist, direct-to-paper inking, and a ton more...which techniques can you spot?

On Saturday evening, Steve and I went out with our friends Mike and Marilee to celebrate Mike's birthday. He chose Fogo de Chao as our restaurant, which is a Brazilian steakhouse. Check out these succulent slabs of roasted goodness:

It's basically like a huge gourmet meat buffet that comes to your table. Each diner places a token next to his or her plate with either the green or red side facing up. The green side means "I'd like more," and the gauchos (Brazilian cowboys) who roam the room with more than a dozen different meats will offer to slice off a hunk of whatever they've got skewered onto your plate:

You can enjoy this meatfest until the cows come home (sorry, LOL, I couldn't resist):

The birthday boy gave it a thumbs up:

The rest of us rolled away from the table that night.

Oh, and remember all those card pieces I'd made last week for the store sample board program? I put them together yesterday and this morning:

Today I'll send them to our main office and shop in Cleveland so they can be placed onto display boards and sent out with the stamp orders. That's a lotsa cards, huh!