Saturday, February 27, 2010

Guys' Night In

Last night, I was working on cards for our store monthly board program and our friend Joe came over:

Steve and Joe met when they were taking computer classes as part of Steve's training for his second career after teaching elementary school for nine years. (Isn't Joe cute, by the way? He's single, and I'd love to play matchmaker but unfortunately we don't have too many friends in his age bracket. We're old geezers in comparison, LOL.)

Anyway, they were planning to go out and do something. Steve suggested catching a movie or heading to a batting cage. Or maybe shooting some pool, hitting a casino, or going bowling. But Joe wasn't in the mood for any of those activities. Nope, no sirree.

Wanna know what they ended up doing instead? Playing with blocks. Yes, you read that correctly:

We have a children's version of Jenga, but Joe complained the pieces weren't uniform enough to play it the "right" way so he found another use for them. Steve had to join in the fun of course. Look at how intently they were concentrating on their masterpieces:

I think Steve and Joe get along so well because they're both about the same emotional age. (I'd guess it's around 11 or 12 years old!)

Okay, I'm joking. Sorta. But they do like toys. After they exhausting their creative construction efforts, the cell phones came out and they starting comparing apps:

They had a "who can find the most sappy song" competition using the voice command search feature. Some of the top choices were "Annie's Song" by John Denver, "Mandy" by Barry Manilow, "Endless Love" by Lionel Richie & Diana Ross, and "Close To You" by The Carpenters. (I prefer the word romantic over sappy as a descriptor, but I'm female and like songs such as these.)

Steve was trying to request "Beth" by Kiss, but Google kept returning mistaken results such as best chess, bells and whistles, and bathroom tissues. I guess technology still can't always replace doing things the old fashioned way, huh?

Apparently, listening to all these warm and fuzzy songs put Joe into an affectionate mood and he decided to cuddle with Oscar. I don't think the cat was enjoying it much, though, judging from his expression:

They capped things off by watching "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind," which we'd rented from Netflix. I joined them, and I have to say it's definitely the most unusual film I've seen in a while.

So, there you have it...all in all, a captivating and exciting evening. Maybe not quite, but it was fun and we were happy to have him over. Hope you enjoy your weekend, as well!


Laurie in MN said...


A local stamp store, The Stamp Garden, carries your stamps and I decided to look up Inky Antics blog site. Imagine my surprise when I scrolled down and recognized the Wilds playing hockey.
I live near Woodbury and still haven't visited We're Stampin Mad although I heard many good things about the store.

Enjoy the heat wave.

Jackie Lewis said...

Laurie, thanks for stopping by and for leaving a note. :-) I live in Mounds View, so The Stamp Garden is only a hop and a skip away from me. (I've done make and takes there occasionally, but it's been a little while. Dawn, the owner, is a very nice lady.) Nice to "see" a fellow Minnesotan on the blog!

Jackie Lewis said...
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Jackie Lewis said...

Whoops, I triple posted by mistake! :-P

Debbie Fisher (debbiedee) said...

What great pictures and story. Looks like they had a great nite