Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Stamped Recipes

If you've been reading the Inky blog for a while, you may recall when Becky O'Donnell sent me a handstamped recipe collection last fall. Well, just before I left for CHA, I received a second set of wonderful 6" x 6" cards from her! They combine two of my favorite things, food and stamps. What could be better?

Don't these look good, for instance:

Becky used 10808F Nesting Chick and 10800D What's Cookin'. It's hard to see in the photo, but she stamped the saying directly on the orange twill tape. (That's what I love about seeing other people's creations...I haven't stamped on ribbon or twill for a long time now and will have to try that again soon.)

This card, featuring 10920MC Halloween Hilda Clear Set and 10919MC Halloween Hijinx Clear Set, turned out really cute:

Becky attached that stretchy cobweb decoration stuff as a unique embellishment.

No cobwebs on this one, but the cookies look scrumptious:

She used 3307F Bending Chicken and 0439D Stir Up Fun on that. And one more to share with you today:

The necklace on the 0190J Where Are Brownies lady has a bit of Diamond Glaze for a shiny accent, and the saying is 10838D Cherry on Top.

Right about now, I especially appreciate her note about using sugar-free gelatin, etc. to make this a lighter dish. I gained five pounds over the holidays and haven't yet lost that weight in the past month...but sometimes you still gotta have dessert!

By the way, Becky made these cards as part of some swaps she's done over the last five months. I was wondering if anybody might be interested in participating in an Inky recipe card swap? Please leave me a comment in this post. If we get enough responses (say 10-12 people), I'd like to organize one!


Kathy said...

Yummy recipes! Sure - I would love to participate in a recipe swap.

Tammy C. said...

Great idea! Count me in!