Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Back From Carson

I'm back from sunny California where we had gorgeous weather for the Carson show. On Friday, we started unloading products in the early afternoon. We had an interesting addition to our inventory this time:

I'm kidding, of course; Karen wasn't really part of our backstock! But here you can see the Inky cabinets and boxes ready for setting up:

Later that evening, the booth for Stampers Anonymous (one of our sister companies) was coming along nicely:

By the time we opened on Saturday, both booths were set to go:

The weekend went by so quickly, I didn't even have time to take photos during the show. But I did pull out my camera again after breaking down the booths on Sunday night, when we had a relaxing dinner with the whole gang:

From left to right, pictured above are Robbie, Karen, Daisy, Kim, Pearl, Joy, and Wendy. Our owner, Ted, enjoyed devouring an ice cream brownie sundae that was close to the size of his head:

(Gotta have some sugar to keep up the energy levels, you know.) Thanks very much to everyone who came out to visit and shop with us!


RustyBird said...

Doing a show sounds like a lot of work, but LOOKS like a lot of FUN!

tamara davis said...

can't wait for ya'll to come back my way at the end of the year!

Joy said...

It was so great to see you Jackie! I hope to be able to spend more time with you the next time I see you! Inky Hugs!

Jackie Lewis said...

You're so right, RustyBird...it's definitely both work AND fun! Loved seeing you, too, Joy (but next time we do need to make more time to visit). And I'm sure Hampton will come again fast enough, Tamara. (Seems like the older I get, the fast time flies, LOL!)