Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Home Sweet Home

We got home from the convention in Philadelphia on Monday, and I can't believe it's already Wednesday afternoon. What happened? Hmm, guess I should have shopped for more TIME while we were there. If you know where I can get myself some of that, will you please let me know? (I have a feeling I could become a millionaire, LOL!)

Before we left, I'd printed out a few reviews for great cheesesteak joints. Unfortunately, we weren't able to stop at any of them (again, it was one of those time things). But we did have a fantastic show and really enjoyed visting with everyone who came out to see us. Ruthie was the Art Gone Wild expert this weekend:

Jan was Ms. Stampers Anonymous Extraordinaire:

And Steve found a new friend to help us during the booth teardown:

I was tempted to take four-year-old Chase home with us but figured his mom (a fellow vendor) wouldn't appreciate that very much. Guess we'll stick with our animal family for now.

See you back on the blog again with more stamping coming up soon!

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foolforstamping said...

He sure was a cutie. I saw him wiping down machines for his mom. Maybe you should get his resume he seemed like a hard worker lol.