Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Home From Ohio

Wow, the days sure have gone by quickly since I left for the airport last Wednesday. As I collated my class kits on Thursday, the gang at our shop in Cleveland finished packing things up for the Akron convention:

Unfortunately, I dropped my camera on the floor that day and it suffered permanent damage. I've had it for quite a while and so I don't mind getting a replacement, but that means I couldn't take many photos over the weekend. It decided to work only a few more times intermittently, and now it seems to have completely gone kaput.

I was able to get this shot of Tim Holtz after the show, however, when he came down to the shop for a visit and chatted with Ted, Dave (our shop foreman), and Darcie:

Sue, one of our customer service representatives, kindly sent me her photos to share with you from Monday...including this nice one of her and Tim:

Here's a picture of the entire crew:

We don't normally all wear the same outfits, LOL. To welcome Tim to our shop, Ted had the ones above specially made. On the front, they say: "We are enjoying the journey. Thanks, Tim...your Stampers Anonymous family."

Jan and I headed to the airport that afternoon, so we missed the tour of Cleveland everyone took on Lolly the Trolley:

But apparently Mario, Tim, and Ted posed in front of the World's Largest Rubber Stamp at one of the stops:

I heard that they saw several sights along the way before having dinner in Little Italy.

Speaking of sights, are you curious to see more of the shop? Stay tuned for a photo tour coming shortly!

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Joy said...

Fun fun Miss Jackie! :)