Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Ocean City Celebration

Steve and I got home from Ocean City on Monday night, and we had a great "sorta honeymoon" weekend! When we arrived at the hotel late Thursday, these beautiful flowers were waiting for us in the hotel room (courtesy of our AGW & Friends family):

It was fun visiting with all our repeat customers and friends, but we had a slight interruption on Saturday. Apparently, someone burned food in one of the restaurant kitchens at the hotel so we had to evaculate for about a half hour. You can almost see the fire truck in the background here (behind Steve on the right):

I always enjoy my job as the Inky demo lady, and this time I had a little helper. Lee's granddaughter, Maddy, joined me in showing the Shimmer Chalks:

On Saturday evening, the gang surprised us with a post-wedding shower...complete with decorations and cool accessories:

Then a bunch of us headed to the boardwalk. Steve was chief purse-holder while some of us went on the rides, and Joyce provided extra supervision:

We also had to stop and play a few games. Lee, Maddy, and Steve tried their hand at whacking those moles:

Thanks so much to everyone who joined us at the show. Some of you mentioned you'll also be coming to the Westminster convention in September, where I'll be looking forward to seeing you again!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Michigan Part Deux

I got back on Monday night from our second trip to Michigan in May, this time for classes and a trunk show at Stampeddler Plus in Northville along with an SSAT convention in Southfield.

The store we visited resides in a former Methodist church, and you can still see the cool structure of the original building:

Inside, we set up a big display of cling mount sets from Stampers Anonymous and clear sets from Inky Antics (plus a few Inky cabinets filled with wood mounted stamps in another area of the store):

I've known Margene, the owner, for more than a decade (yes, we were both under 19 years old when we started our businesses, LOL!):

Sharon, pictured here next to our Gifts In A Snap collection, has been working there for just as long:

Speaking of the Gifts In A Snap stamps, a lovely customer at the show (I think her name is Barb?) brought a decorated Inky project for show & tell on Sunday:

She used our 10947SC Bunny Maker Clear Set with the 10215V Triangle Treat Template stamp to create her rabbit (which is one of several characters you can create with this unique box template). Then she embellished it with Flower Soft, edging its ears and making paw pads and a puffy bunny tail. It turned out really cute!

* * *

Tomorrow, Steve and I are heading to the airport for the Ocean City convention. If you're planning to attend, please stop by the Inky booth on Saturday or Sunday and mention the secret phrase "Daisy Kit" to receive this little goodie for free. We look forward to seeing you there!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Chelsea's Creations

While I'm at the Southfield show, this entry is being auto-posted so it's not another several days until I can get back to the blog again. When I got home last Sunday, a lovely little packet from Chelsea Comer was waiting for me. I was so excited to open it up and find these sweet cards inside:

Chelsea used 10963MC Circle Sentiments #1 Clear Set and 10964MC Circle Sentiments #2 Clear Set. It's a bit difficult to see in the photos, but she popped up the scalloped circles with foam tape and then did the same with portions of the heart, baby, and flower images.

I also think it's cool how they're all designed using the same layout, yet they each look different due to the color and ribbon selections she made. Thanks so much, Chelsea, for being our guest designer!

And if YOU would like to share your stamped artwork with other Inky fans, please email me anytime with pictures. I'd love to see your creations and feature your projects here!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Michigan Classes & Show

Since we're on the road frequently, our travels often overlap birthdays and other special occasions...which means we end up celebrating with our AGW & Friends "family." Lee's birthday was last weekend, so she received a special treat:

But, of course, one birthday dessert wasn't enough. You can see how thrilled she was when we also told the restaurant staff about it on the second night we were out for dinner:

Check out the size of that sundae! Tim got one, too, and apparently was amazed by it:

The scrapbook show in Novi was long but a lot of fun! One of the show promoters posed for a snapshot with her adorable dog, Mu Shu, who fit perfectly inside the foldable basket we sell in the Inky booth:

Speaking of shows, I'm heading back to the airport later today for another one. I'll be teaching the Surprising Sliding Antics class at Stampeddler Plus in Northville, MI tomorrow, and Ted is offering his popular Amazing Ink Tips & Techniques class for Stampers Anonymous. There are a few openings left in both classes during the 6:30-8:30 PM time slots, and you can still sign up by calling the store at (248) 348-4446.

Then we'll be in Southfield this weekend for the StampScrapArtTour convention. If you're planning to attend, please stop by the Inky booth and mention the secret phrase "Daisy Kit" to receive this little goodie for free. Hope to see you there!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Wedding Weekend

Last Saturday, Steve and I got married in a very small wedding at his parents' house. My girlfriends Peg & Marilee and I shared some pre-ceremony giggles before it began:

Chad (Steve's brother) and his friend Merle looked ready to go:

I'm not sure what the nephews and nieces were ready for here:

His brother-in-law Dan sang the opening and closing songs. He sounded fantastic:

Steve and I listened intently to the pastor:

And then to his nephew Greg's two readings:

His niece Sammi performed "The Wedding Song" beautifully:

And before we knew it, the service was over and Pastor Dan turned us around to face the audience:

When it was time for pictures, Steve posed in between his dad and brother:

This is my mini mommy, who makes me feel like an Amazon woman (LOL!):

I didn't realize the wedding party was conveniently arranged by height until I saw this photo:

Once the papers were signed, it was official:

Cheers! A toast to happiness:

And to laughter (which Sammi wholeheartedly endorsed):

Yeah, you could say she's a goofball (just like Uncle Steve, hmm?!):

Of course, we had to take the obligatory "wedding rings on hands" shot:

And said goofball decided to ham it up even more:

At the restaurant, Steve's brother-in-law Erik and Greg did their best imitations of Inspector Clouseau:

Hey, aren't you supposed to cut the cake before you eat it:

At least Sammi was still around to stop the madness (or maybe add to it?):

For our honeymoon, we'll be doing the Stamping by the Sea convention together! But, first, I'm heading out tomorrow for the Great Lakes Mega Meet and then to the SSAT show in Southfield the following week. (I'm just joking about the honeymoon, by the way. Steve will indeed be joining me in Ocean City, but we're planning to take a REAL honeymoon in November or December.)

If you'll be at the Novi show this week, remember to stop by the Inky booth and mention the secret phrase "Daisy Kit" to receive this little goodie for free!

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Cakes & More

Last week before I left for Akron, Steve and I had an appointment for our cake tasting at Buttercream:

That got me thinking about cakes, which reminded me of the picture I took when we visited the West End Market on Monday with Ted, Michelle, Darcie, Tim, Mario, Trevor, and Katie. My now-defunct camera was working long enough to let me get this shot of Katie posing in front of a bakery case filled with goodies:

I had to look twice when I saw the sign, though:

Fresh Bake? What the heck is a fresh bake? Is it like ice tea? Or wax paper? I guess I'm a little old fashion (sic) that way, but I can't help it...the former English teacher in me finds these types of mistakes really funny.

Speaking of cakes and mistakes, this page from the May issue of Reader's Digest cracked me up:

These slipups are from Cake Wrecks, which has a hilarious blog and Facebook page.

But you don't have to read a magazine, surf online, or take a trip to find goofy signs or other such things. The other night, we stopped by a Chinese takeout place to grab a late dinner and saw this:

Take a closer look:

Hmm, why would the prices be posted backwards? I have no clue. Nonetheless, their mu shu pork was delicious. Good thing we only go there for the food!