Saturday, May 1, 2010

Cakes & More

Last week before I left for Akron, Steve and I had an appointment for our cake tasting at Buttercream:

That got me thinking about cakes, which reminded me of the picture I took when we visited the West End Market on Monday with Ted, Michelle, Darcie, Tim, Mario, Trevor, and Katie. My now-defunct camera was working long enough to let me get this shot of Katie posing in front of a bakery case filled with goodies:

I had to look twice when I saw the sign, though:

Fresh Bake? What the heck is a fresh bake? Is it like ice tea? Or wax paper? I guess I'm a little old fashion (sic) that way, but I can't help it...the former English teacher in me finds these types of mistakes really funny.

Speaking of cakes and mistakes, this page from the May issue of Reader's Digest cracked me up:

These slipups are from Cake Wrecks, which has a hilarious blog and Facebook page.

But you don't have to read a magazine, surf online, or take a trip to find goofy signs or other such things. The other night, we stopped by a Chinese takeout place to grab a late dinner and saw this:

Take a closer look:

Hmm, why would the prices be posted backwards? I have no clue. Nonetheless, their mu shu pork was delicious. Good thing we only go there for the food!


Chrisd said...

Happy Wedding to you both!Hugs from Michigan.

Kathy said...

Love the post! I also got a kick out of the Readers Digest cakes!
Hope you have a wonderful wedding! Best Wishes to the two of you!

AShu93 said...

Cake wrecks is one of my favs! I didn't know they were on Facebook, so tfs.