Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Pearlescent Watercolors

A few weeks ago, one of our customers emailed to ask if I could post an example using the Pearlescent Watercolor Set on my blog. Although it took longer than I'd hoped, I finally pulled out those pretty paints tonight.

First, I stamped 10073 Hello and 1524F Brushed Butterfly with a VersaMark pad onto black cardstock:

You can use these watercolors on white cardstock or vellum, but sometimes they look a little streaky. I think they really pop beautifully on black cardstock, though, so that's what I generally stick with.

I poured Silver Detail Embossing Powder over the paper and tapped off the excess:

Then I melted the powder with my heat tool. You can see how the lower half is already done:

Yup, my heat tool is antiquated! It was made back in the days when they used a metal tip, which I'm careful to keep away from my fingers since that thing gets blistering hot. The modern ones are much nicer; I use the Marvy Heat Tool when I demo at shows.

So let's get to the watercolors, shall we? With the Niji Waterbrush, I dribbled a drop of water into one of the pans:

Then I swirled it around for 5-10 seconds to "goober up" the paint.

The more you goober it up, the thicker the paint will get...and the thicker the paint gets, the more opaque the color will be. This is how you can control the level of translucency you desire. I usually like it on the slightly thicker side myself, about the consistency of heavy cream:

I applied the paint to my embossed image:

When I was ready to switch to another color, I spritzed Ultra Clean onto my waterbrush while holding it over a paper towel. Ultra Clean is made to remove ink from rubber stamps, but it also makes a terrific brush cleaner and gets off all the extra residue way better than plain water:

After applying a second color to my image, I gently swished the brush along the spot where the two colors met to soften the edges a bit:

As I continued painting, I noticed that I'd goofed and gone outside the lines. Notice the gold paint on the butterfly in the middle:

Okay, you got me...I actually did that on purpose because I wanted to show how you can take your clean brush to fix the accidentally colored part:

Sometimes a little pearly sparkle will remain on the cardstock, but most of the paint will lift up fairly well so you can repair "trouble spots."

Once I'd finished painting, I matted my paper onto a contrasting card base:

Ta da! That's all there is to it. Pretty easy, huh? By the way, the Pearlescent Watercolor Set is a website-only product that we no longer carry at conventions.

Thanks to Jennifer for her request (and patience, LOL). If there are any accessories in our collection that YOU would like more information about, please feel free to email me anytime!


Kathy said...

Love the card - really great technique - the colors are really vibrant!

RustyBird said...


Debbie Fisher (debbiedee) said...

WOWZERS! That is gorgeous!

Becky O'Donnell said...

Vibrant colors that pop out at ya, they'll wonder where they came from...Ted's bag of marvelous techniques.

The World I Live In... said...

Thanks for posting! Now when I get home I'll have to play around and try it out :) LOVE IT! Thanks!