Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Fun & Food From Wisconsin

Over the weekend, we had our 4th annual women's gathering in Cumberland. Like last year's event, it was fun hanging around the house with these terrific ladies:

We took a field trip, too. I think it's interesting that there is a vegetable processing plant just outside of town:

Just look at these truckloads of green beans waiting to be canned:

Here they go from one trailer to another:

And up the sliding thing (I'm pretty sure that's what the employees call it: "the sliding thing") into the building:

We were more excited, however, to check out Bargain Bill's. We go there every year:

It's a great big warehouse (with an attached craft store, by the way, that contains lots of stamping and scrapbooking supplies), and you can find a huge variety of items there:

Did you spot the green shirts? That made it easy for us to locate each other when we wanted to share a discovery! Take these pot pie squares, for instance:

Who doesn't like a big pot of flat, square noodles! Oh, and check this out:

It's a coin holder. My grandpa had one of those!

Need some foam? Yep, you can find it at Bargain Bill's:

Or how about handles? Available in not just one or two but three different sizes:

And if you've been searching high and low for those hard-to-find balloon molds, your wait is over:

If you're planning a neighborhood Yahtzee tournament, this is the place to go:

Don't forget to pick up a back scratcher while you're at it:

Or stock up on all your giant funnel needs:

Being the good sport that she is, Dawn put on her best goofy face to pose for the above photo. She also turned in this cute recipe card for our swap:

She created it with 10873G Oops Chick and 10967MC Recipe Clear Stamp Set, and she brought the actual dish to share. I'd made a very similar dish last year but thought I'd show the back of Dawn's card in case you'd like to try her version (which lasted about 15 minutes once we all got a hold of it):

You can click on the recipe cards for a larger view. Bon appetit!

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