Saturday, September 4, 2010

Clear Stamp Creation

When Sue D. contacted me to claim her blog candy prize, I asked if she might consider sharing a project made with her new 10973SC BBQ Time Clear Set. To give her more versatility, I also included 10967MC Recipe Clear Set in her package. Wow, was I excited when I got this email from her a couple of days ago:

"I received both stamp sets and have attached a pic of the card I made with them. I used all the little stamps to make the background on top and I used the recipe card line stamps to make the plaid on the bottom. I wanted to include the grill so I used shrink plastic to make a charm. This is my first time using Inky clear stamps--I've always used the rubber wood mounts. I hope you like the card. I think I will try to make a recipe album with our favorite grilling recipes next."

And here was the photo she'd sent:

I thought the way she made the plaid background was really clever. Since she'd mentioned it was her first time using our clear stamps, I asked what she thought of them. Here was her reply:

"I will always prefer rubber stamps but clear stamps are very versatile. I like that I could put all the little stamps on one block to make my own background stamp. I could have made curved lines with the recipe card lines if I wanted to and of course less space for storage over wood mounted stamps is a definite advantage. I was pleased with the quality of your clear stamps. Cheaper ones don't always take dye ink very well--they bead up so I end up using chalk inks but I had no trouble using dye inks with these stamps."

Thanks for your kind comments, Sue, and most of all for sharing your card with us!


Deloris said...

What a fun card! Great job Sue!

Kathy said...

Great card! I like the shrinky plastic charm!

Zafran ali said...

Great card,Love the color that you chose!
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