Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Magbooks Have Arrived

If you've been waiting patiently for us to receive our backorder of Magnetic Storage Books from QuicKutz (now called Lifestyle Crafts), I'm excited to let you know that we got a partial shipment this week! We only have a couple dozen of these and won't get more for about another month, so if you want any please order 'em now.

These things are fantastic, and I love mine for storing Nestabilities. When closed, they measure approximately 1/2" thick:

But when you open them up, their real usefulness shines. You can store 5-8 complete sets in each one, depending on what shapes your dies are:

I know many people make their own magnetic storage system using CD cases. I'm sure that works well, too, but what I like about these guys is how you can put coordinating die sets in the same book. When I use my circle Nesties, for example, I don't pull out only one set of circles; I grab the large and small circle sets plus the large and small scalloped circle sets. Since all of them fit into a single book, I just open it up and I've got easy access to all of them at a glance. How nice is that!

No matter what magnetic storage you use, you might also find this handy: the Magnetic Wand. It grabs just the die you need...no more chipping or hitting the quick of your fingernails. (Ouch.)

Okay, advertisement is over, LOL. Just wanted to let you know because I've had several questions at shows about when these will be available again. I said I'd post on the blog when they were here. And here they are!

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