Wednesday, October 13, 2010

(Not Really) Scary Pencil Sleeve

Last week, I stopped at the dollar store and picked up a pack of Halloween pencils. (That's where I got the foil-wrapped chocolate eyeballs for the treat basket, too.) They inspired me to make another project...a (not really) scary pencil sleeve:

I started with a 3 5/8" x 12" piece of orange cardstock and stamped 0189F Candy Corn Background all over it:

I used a white colored pencil to fill in the tips of the candy corns (not pictured). Then I flipped over the cardstock to the "wrong" (unstamped) side and scored at 3/8", 3/4", 2 7/8", and 3 1/4" with my Scor-it-All Large Board.

I turned the piece 90 degrees clockwise and scored again at 4 1/8 and 4 1/2". Here's a labeled photo showing all the score marks:

I cut on all the solid lines shown in the photo:

So it looked like this (except with the extra squares cut out, which I did after taking all the made the finished box less bulky at the corners):

I placed strips of 1/4" red-lined tape on the outer two side flaps both above and below the horizontal score marks (again, note the "x", which marks the piece I'd removed later):

After pre-folding inward on all score lines, I removed the tape liner from the upper side flaps and pressed them down onto the inner side flaps. This is how it looked with just the left side done:

After both upper side flaps were adhered, I removed the tape liner from the lower side flaps and folded up the bottom of the sleeve:

Once I adhered the lower side flaps, my sleeve was ready:

Ready for a bit more decorating, that is! I used 1/8" red-lined tape to layer a piece of narrower checked ribbon onto wider stitched ribbon. Since this made the ribbon fairly thick, I didn't try to tie or knot it. Instead, I adhered pieces to mimic a tied appearance. I also added a bit of foam tape above and below the ribbon pieces:

This way, I could attach my saying (stamped with 0192B Sm. Trick, die cut with Nestabilities, and layered) so it would sit flap atop the ribbon:

And there you have it...a sugar-free goodie for all your favorite monsters, big and small!

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Tammy C. said...

Cute! Love it!