Wednesday, January 26, 2011

CHA Sneak Peek #2: BaZooples

I'm excited to introduce our brand new Inky artist, Vicki Schreiner:

Although Vicki has worn many hats throughout her career, her passion has always been for the artwork. "Delightful images dance through my head day and night...the fun part is being able to bring these images to life and watch them grow into a finished product for everyone to use and enjoy!"

Vicki is the creator of the adorable BaZooples characters. BaZooples stands for Baby Zoo People...because animals are people, too, as she says! It all started in 2006 with Gertrude, the cuddly giraffe who watches over all of her friends:

Gertrude and the rest of the BaZooples gang have been featured on party goods, home decor, baby clothes, fabric, buttons…and now as Inky Antics rubber stamps!

Here's Gertrude all made up into a cute card by Michelle Pearson:

Gertrude will be available as a wood mounted stamp (2034K) with the coordinating saying 6807E Long Time or in a clear stamp set (11032MC BaZooples #1 Clear Set).

Elsie likes to give big snuggly hugs, in addition to birthday wishes:

The wood mounted stamp is 2064J, and the saying is 5905G Never Forget. (The corresponding clear set is 11033MC BaZooples #2 Clear Set.) Oh, and there's 4003C Bosco in the upper left corner and 2932C Bongo in the lower right corner!

I love the look on Clarence's face and the encouraging saying on this beautifully detailed card:

The wood mounted stamp is 2063J, and the saying is 8870F Over The Hump. Or you can find them both in 11035MC BaZooples #4 Clear Set.

The little Flutterbug named 4005C Bumper is hovering over 6009F Humphrey:

The sayings are 4720D Love You Tons and 9022F Still Around. Humphrey and both sayings also appear in 11034MC BaZooples #3 Clear Set. Thanks very much to Michelle Pearson for creating these wonderful cards!

All of our new Spring '11 releases, including the BaZooples you see here plus more of their pals, will be available on our main Inky site starting February 6th. I know that's still a whole week and a half away, but I'll have a couple more sneak peeks for you in the meantime!

Monday, January 24, 2011

CHA Sneak Peek #1: Triangle Treat Boxes

If it seems like I haven't been posting as frequently lately, that is because I've been busily preparing for the CHA trade show. Our Spring '11 release will be unveiled this Saturday in Los Angeles, and the new stamps will be available on the main Inky website starting February 6th.

Thought I'd pause for a moment from the pre-show madness and show you what we've been working on! When I say "we," that means me, our terrific Inky artists and card designers, our tireless graphics guys (thank you, Zach and Matt) in Cleveland...and, of course, Steve when I've been able to rope him into helping me:

Yeah, my table really was THAT messy. But I've cleaned it up a bit since that picture was taken. Just a bit, though, LOL!

If you're not too distracted by the clutter, you may have noticed Steve was making a decorated Triangle Treat Box. Yep, we've got FIVE more irresistable clear stamp sets to be used with our 10215V Triangle Treat Template wood mounted stamp. These are in addition to our current collection of tried-and-true favorites.

Here's the 11039SC Cow & Owl Maker Clear Set:

With a little stamping, cutting, and scoring, it turns into this:

One of my personal favorites is the 11043SC Fish & Duck Maker Clear Set:

It looks like a random hodgepodge on the clear set, but look what it transforms into:

The new 11040SC Elephant & Mouse Maker Clear Set starts out plain:

But it turns fancy in a jiffy:

These guys in the 11042SC Monster Maker Clear Set aren't really too scary:

See what I mean:

But these monsters can sometimes be frightening:

I am totally joking, of course! It's the 11041SC Kid Maker Clear Set, and the resulting offspring are really sweet:

So there you have it...ten new characters to add to your collection! Which ones are YOUR favorites?

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Convention Booth

About a month ago, I mentioned that we were getting some new furnishings for the Inky convention booth (as well as for our sister companies). Since my post about the StampScrapArtTour BLOG CANDY early last week, we've come and gone to Mesquite, TX and I thought you might be interested in seeing a few pictures.

Here are some of the new arrivals to our family, which we've lovingly (and oh so creatively!) named Pod 1, Pod 2, Pod 3, Pod 4, and Pod 5:

Yep, they're basically pieces of gridwall fused together onto a wheeled cart. At first glance, they may not seem like such a big deal. But they're GREAT from a behind-the-scenes perspective because usually our setup time at the shows was quite long.

It often took us 12 hours or more from start to finish to complete each booth. We had to unload dozens of pieces from the truck (and those things are heavy!), put them up in the booth one by one, tie them together, place all the hooks onto the grid, unpack the stamp sets and accessories, and then put each set of items onto the hooks. It was a painstaking process, I tell ya!

But THIS time, we rolled out the pods, opened them up, took off the netting that held things in place...and, voila, instant half of a booth:

Here's a closer view of that wall o' clear sets, all 53 of them plus a few accessories at the bottom:

And, of course, we still kept all our wood mounted stamps:

My demo table grew a few inches taller via this cool rolling cart:

While we still spent a good part of the day setting up, it wasn't a super marathon session as in years past. In fact, we were done before it got dark, which meant I even got to take a photo of Ron's Corvette (Ron is Tex's husband, and he was the Inky cashier last weekend) so Steve could see it:

Hopefully, we'll be "rolling in" to a town near you during our remaining 20 shows for this year. We'd love to see you and show off the kids...oops, I mean grids, LOL!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

More Blog Candy

Later this week, I'll be heading to Mesquite, TX for our first show of the year. Just thought I'd give you a quick heads-up that there's some BLOG CANDY up for grabs on the StampScrapArtTour blog, so please go on over and check it out!

Friday, January 7, 2011

New & Old Inky Friends

I'm so excited to introduce Trudy Sjolander, who has just started designing cards for us! We've been fortunate to work with several very talented stampers over the years, and I am thrilled to count Trudy among them now.

The other day, Trudy posted this gorgeous project featuring 2236E Heart Bouquet on her blog:

Several of Trudy's other creations (including two Inky cards) were recently published in this book:

Interesting story about it...Trudy was kind enough to send me a copy last week so I could see the projects she'd submitted. Lo and behold, I opened it up to start reading only to discover that Keri Lee Sereika had written the book! Keri was one of our very first Inky designers, and we worked quite closely together for a couple of years. It'd been quite some time since Keri and I had been in touch, so this was the perfect reason to reconnect with her.

If you happen to live in the Charleston, SC area, Keri will be signing her book and doing short demos at a local store next Monday morning. Please check out this blog post for details.

And if you cannot make that event, here's another goodie: Trudy is giving away the book in a free drawing. You've still got a couple of days to enter by going here. Good luck, and please give her a warm Inky hello!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Blog Candy Congrats

Here are your random numbers:


Timestamp: 2011-01-05 19:42:43 UTC

* * *

Congratulations to Blaire, who won the New Year's resolutions blog candy drawing. Blaire, please email me with your mailing address to claim your prize. Thanks to everyone who shared their goals for 2011. Many of you wanted to make more time for stamping, and I hope those plans come true!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

New Year's Greetings

Happy New Year wishes to you, Inky readers! Thought we'd start off 2011 with a little BLOG CANDY.

I was reading replies from last year's post about your resolutions. Were you able to make any progress on them? And are you making new ones for this year?

Leave a note in the comments section of this post with your response. I'll accept entries until Tuesday, January 4th, at midnight Central time. The winner will be randomly chosen on Wednesday morning, and that person will receive this set of wood mounted stamps:

If you post anonymously (in other words, without signing in), be sure to add your name or we won't be able to include you in our drawing. Remember to come back and check for the winner, since it will be that person's responsibility to contact me and claim the prize by January 11th. Good luck, and hope you have a terrific week!