Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Convention Booth

About a month ago, I mentioned that we were getting some new furnishings for the Inky convention booth (as well as for our sister companies). Since my post about the StampScrapArtTour BLOG CANDY early last week, we've come and gone to Mesquite, TX and I thought you might be interested in seeing a few pictures.

Here are some of the new arrivals to our family, which we've lovingly (and oh so creatively!) named Pod 1, Pod 2, Pod 3, Pod 4, and Pod 5:

Yep, they're basically pieces of gridwall fused together onto a wheeled cart. At first glance, they may not seem like such a big deal. But they're GREAT from a behind-the-scenes perspective because usually our setup time at the shows was quite long.

It often took us 12 hours or more from start to finish to complete each booth. We had to unload dozens of pieces from the truck (and those things are heavy!), put them up in the booth one by one, tie them together, place all the hooks onto the grid, unpack the stamp sets and accessories, and then put each set of items onto the hooks. It was a painstaking process, I tell ya!

But THIS time, we rolled out the pods, opened them up, took off the netting that held things in place...and, voila, instant half of a booth:

Here's a closer view of that wall o' clear sets, all 53 of them plus a few accessories at the bottom:

And, of course, we still kept all our wood mounted stamps:

My demo table grew a few inches taller via this cool rolling cart:

While we still spent a good part of the day setting up, it wasn't a super marathon session as in years past. In fact, we were done before it got dark, which meant I even got to take a photo of Ron's Corvette (Ron is Tex's husband, and he was the Inky cashier last weekend) so Steve could see it:

Hopefully, we'll be "rolling in" to a town near you during our remaining 20 shows for this year. We'd love to see you and show off the kids...oops, I mean grids, LOL!


Crystal said...

WOW Jackie these are FANTASTIC!!!!! LOVE the new GRID!!! Your booth will look FABULOUS!!! Have a great one!!!

Thebug415 said...

Oh lovely! I can wait to see these in August at the Hamburg, NY show.

Jovita said...

Wow that is really impressive. I wish Inky Antics would visit Colorado one day :(

Michelle said...

wow! that is super! I have helped set up booths and feel your pain...that is super handy and will make your lives so much easier!
Fun to see your booth set up!

Keri Lee Sereika said...

Oh that looks GREAT Jackie!!! Sooo, are YOU going to be in Columbia???

Bev Gerard said...

Oh my starzzzz! Both Ron & I have talked about the efficiency these pods bring to the IA and family booths ... seriously a time-saving and professional addition to "the family"!

Have IA Poda Will Travel!


True :) said...

WoW!!!! Too cool!
I helped another DT that I belong too for just a little while and they had been at it all morning. It is tons of work setting the booths up the "old way"! You will save sooo much time!