Thursday, February 17, 2011

Columbia Via Cleveland

I flew into Cleveland last night so I could drive with the gang to this weekend's show in Columbia, SC. We're on the road right now, but earlier today I put 300 sample cards (carefully made by our friend Ruthie) onto 50 boards for the Inky Monthly Board Program that our stores participate in:

Thought I'd write up a really quick post so you could see this photo of Dave "hamming it up" for the camera. He's our shop foreman, and you can probably tell what a super serious guy he is (ahem, NOT). And there's an itty bitty Doug in the background; Doug will be with us in Columbia this weekend, too. Will YOU be able to attend this convention? Please give us a shout out if so!


Chelsea said...

How fun ... Safe travels. Hope you are coming to Rockford in a few weeks!

Keri Lee Sereika said...

It was soooo great to see younlast night J!! I am glad we got to just hang out a bit after the show too. :) Maybe I will see you in June!


Dawn said...

I was there! I loved the address book that we made- can you please email me the template for the pages of the book. Thanks!! Loved it!