Friday, February 4, 2011

Easter Bunnies

As Cheryl finishes updating our main website with the new releases (which should be available by Sunday night), I thought I'd give you a peek at a few Easter cards created by Debbie Fisher starting with this cheery one:

These stamps come in 11036MC Bunny #1 Clear Set or individually as 0701H Sm. Hugs & Chicks and 0705D Sm. Happiness Begins.

Here is another rabbit, which is in 11037MC Bunny #2 Clear Set (or 0746J Sm. Shakin' A Leg and 0121E Sm. Hop To It in wood mounts):

This guy with his little friends appears in 11038MC Bunny #3 Clear Set or is available separately as 0736J Sm. Peter & Peeps and 0700D Sm. Fun Surprises:

Previous versions of the cute bunnies shown above were in the original Inky catalog, but they've been replaced with these more card-friendly reduced sizes.

Thanks to Debbie for continuing to share her talents with us. Hope your weekend is starting off great...I'll be back again soon with more new stuff to show you!


Crystal said...

AWWW these are soooo CUTE!!!!! Love these bunnies!

Chelsea said...

Cute .... Love the little chicks!

Jovita said...

So cute, I just love those little bunnies.