Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Florida Visit

Steve and I worked the Clearwater show last Saturday, which came and went in a busy whirlwind. Thanks to our customers who visited us in the Inky booth. It was great seeing you there!

On Sunday, we spent the day with my dad and grandma:

If you've been following the blog since last February or before, you may remember that last year we made the same side trip...except my grandma is 99 years old now. She uses a walker and has trouble with her memory, but gosh, I get stiff and cannot recall things myself. And I'm less than half her age!

Another interesting tidbit is that without Grandma, there would be no Inky Antics. When I took a leave of absence from teaching middle school back in 1997, it was she who encouraged me to start the business. Not only did my grandmother support it emotionally, but she provided the money for me to get started.

I feel deeply appreciative toward the many, many people who have helped over the years to make Inky a successful business...but it all started with this very special lady, for whom I will always be particularly thankful. I love you, Grandma! :-)


Noelle said...

Does she realize how many people she has made happy with her support of you? (The most important thing is she supported you, but all the happiness is a nice too!)All the people who get to create with your stamps, all the people who receive cards/gifts created iwth your stamps, all the people who like to look at what has been created, all the people who purchase handmade items at craft shows, it goes on and on!

Tammy C. said...

I feel the LOVE for your grandma and am so happy you make it a point to go and visit with her. Grandma must be VERY PROUD of you - her investment has surely paid off. Grandmas are the best for love & support. Thanks to your grandma for bringing Inky Antics to life!!

Bev Gerard said...

What a sweet story of love, support, and inspiration! What a blessing Grandma has been for you! Glad to see that you were able to include a family visit in with your trip too!


Chelsea said...

What a great story! Glad you got to squeeze in a visit!

Laurie in MN said...

Adorable picture of the three generations. Her encouragement and support makes me wonder what dreams and aspirations she had in her younger years.