Thursday, February 3, 2011

More BaZooples & Another Introduction

You know how sometimes when it rains, it pours? Well, we've been having a thunderstorm lately...but in a very good way! Recently I received an email from Jovita Kloess, who was an Inky designer a few years back but had gotten out of stamping:

She had felt burnt out and was very busy with her kids' activities, so she decided to take a stamping hiatus. But lucky for us, Jovi just couldn't stay away for too long, and she contact me again about making samples. We loved her work then, and we still love it now! Check out 2403H Wilbur, another member of the BaZoople family (also available in 11035MC BaZooples #4 Clear Set), featured in one of Jovi's newest creations:

Here's 2053H Zach, who is also in 11033MC BaZooples #2 Clear Set:

I think 6007H Ollie (or 11035MC BaZooples #4 Clear Set) manages to look sweet and funny all at the same time:

Isn't it neat to see these characters "done up" differently than the other BaZooples on Michelle's cards? Changing the colors, papers, and embellishments makes them look totally addition to each person's own stamping style, of course.

Now that you've met almost all the BaZooples, which do you like best? Please chime in with your thoughts! (And thanks so much, Jovi, for sharing these terrific cards with us.)

P.S. For another take on 9933K Groundhog Hollow featured yesterday on Crystal's card, jump over to Jovi's post here.


Crystal said...

WOW these are FABULOUS creations!!!! LOVE these images!!! Looking forward to working with you Jovita!!!

Thebug415 said...

These are just adorable!

True :) said...

Awesome sample Jovita!
Welcome! :)

Bev Gerard said...

Hi Jovi!!
Love your darling BaZOOples cards!
Glad you're back to stampin'!