Saturday, March 26, 2011

Grab 'n Go

Nope, today's blog post title isn't the name of a new convenience store. It refers to RustyBird's suggestion for overcoming stampers' block, which Steve wanted to try.

The "grabbing" process wasn't entirely random, as I did steer his hand toward our Easter collection so the project would be seasonally appropriate. And then he did have to pick two more times until he got a saying stamp instead of another main image.

Interestingly, however, his two final choices happened to go together...sort of:

They were 3200L Huggin' Bunny and 10139D 'Tis The Season. Then he grabbed a pencil:

And another one:

And three more after that, until he had five of them total:

They were Pale Vermillion, Imperial Violet, Limepeel, Aquamarine, and Magenta. Actually, I thought they went together really well. I even had a sheet of Darcie's patterned paper to go with them.

Steve started coloring and blending with Gamsol:

He did some cutting and layering:

And, ta da! His card was complete:

Here's a closeup of the results:

If you decide to try RustyBird's Grab 'n Go method, please email me with a photo of your creation or upload it to our Facebook page. (We might even be inspired to give away a goodie or two, hint hint!) We'd love to see what you come up with!


Chelsea said...

Love the blue bunny with a blue carrot!

Jovita said...

I just love this bunny stamp. The colors are so fun, hopefully this helped Steve overcome his stampers block.

RustyBird said...

Steve's card looks great! Thanks for picking my "technique". Did it give you any ideas for future projects?

True :) said...

Love the off the wall colors Steve. Fun card! :)