Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Idea Round-Up

Today's post is all about this:

It's really a question for YOU, Inky readers! This evening, Steve was going to make another project for the blog. It had been several months since his last creation, and I thought you might enjoy a post from our "guest designer." The only problem is that he encountered stamper's block. It's happened to all of us, and it's frustrating.

So we were thinking, why not ask for your help? Would you be willing to assist Steve?

Please leave a comment at the end of this post with a few pieces of information:

1. Which specific stamp(s) or stamp set would you like to see him use? (Provide the item numbers/names.)

2. What technique, type of project, and/or colors should he incorporate? (You can be as detailed, or not, as you wish.)

3. Any hints you can share for overcoming stamper's block when it strikes you?

Next Tuesday, Steve will choose his favorite idea. We'll post the results here, and the person who submitted the idea will win a prize! (Yes, he will actually make that project, too...probably later during the week or soon thereafter.) Plus, we'll do a random drawing for a second prize using everyone's entries. Yep, that's TWO chances to win.

We cannot wait to hear your suggestions, so let's get started!


Michelle /Eliotstamps said...

I'd love to see Steve's take on Honeypop! Maybe the monkey set with the palm trees? And a nice green/gold/brown color combination?

As for getting over stamper's block, I usually look for a fun challenge online, usually a sketch challenge, to give me a starting point. New stuff to play with helps, too, so sometimes I go shopping! :)

Deloris said...

When I get stamper's block I pick a card that I like and copy it but with a twist.

So Steve here's your challenge:

Use my card as your starting point:

Change two things on the card. These can be things like the colors, embellishments, or a different embossed background.

I used my favorite new clear set:
11011MC Forest Friends #3 - Love that bear and the saying is so funny.

Suzanne :O ) said...

I'd love to see him do the masking technique, to feature several animals on the same card, as a group of friends maybe! (I don't have a preference as far as which stamp sets.) Whenever I have a block, I look through my sketch books to find a layout that inspires me to create. Can't wait to see what Steve comes up with!

Deb said...

My cure for stampers' block is a bit strange--but it works every time for me. First, I look for a program on TV about hoarding. Yeah--Hoarders, or Clean House--something like that. That always leads to me cleaning and purging in my craft room. Which will lead me to SOMETHING that I have that I ABSOLUTELY MUST USE RIGHT NOW--and the stamper's block is then only a memory, as I'm crafting and creating away with that one essential thing I found while cleaning.

Yeah, I said it was weird. But it works for me every time!

Debbie said...

I just found your Honeypop cards and I love them. I'd like to see Steve create different types of cards with those, to show there versatility and his ;- ) When I'm stuck,I jsut blog hop a while, then decide who it's for, pick some papers and off I go. Thanks.

RustyBird said...

My cure for stampers block:
Close your eyes, turn around once, and grab at stamp stash - grabbing two or three stamps.
Using black dye-based ink and white cardstock, make a greeting card using only the stamps from "the grab".
Do another eyes-closed grab for three or four Prismacolor Pencils.
Color the card using only the "grabbed" colors and some Gamsol.
When done, sit back, and either smile with satisfaction at how your "grabbed" creation turned out, or laugh out loud at the zany stamp & color combination!

Sue D said...

I would like to see him create a scene with Wilbur (2403H) and the verse Sitting & Thinking (10694D) and how about some paper piecing. When stamper's block occurs I usually participate in a challenge --either color challenges or sketch challenges.

Anonymous said...

With easter on its way I would love to see Steve create a card using one of the stamps form the new bunny 1,2, or 3 clear sets. His turtle with bunny ears last year was adorable. When I need inspiration or new ideas I like to visit some of my favorite stamp stores like the Stamp Garden, We're Stampin Mad, and Scrapbooks Too. They always have lots of wonderful ideas and occassionaly they'll even have a certian someone there to do a great make and take. Thanks for being such a great inspiration. Debbie Ives

Margaret said...

I would like to see more versions of the Honey-Pop cards. When I get stampers block, I just start looking on-line.