Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Weekend Adventures

Last weekend, our gang went to Rockford, IL for a convention. Most of the time, shows are a lot of work and we're pretty tired out by the time they're done. But they are also a ton of fun and we absolutely love seeing our friends and customers! Sometimes we even get a few moments to visit, like I did with Chelsea:

Other times we goof around a bit, like Maddie did here:

And every once in a while, we get the opportunity to do something really unique. On Saturday night, we drove to Stoughton, WI (about an hour away) and took a ring-making class from Chris Mode.

Chris is the promoter of the One of a Kind show we do in Madison every November, and she manufactures Peerless Watercolors. Not only that, but she is an accomplished jewelry artist who runs the Art Glass & Bead Show and sells her works on Etsy. Plus she's super nice, and I mean that in a good way! We felt pretty lucky to have her teach us how to make her cool spinner rings.

It all started with a band of sterling silver:

We had to file down the short ends so they could eventually be soldered together, as Chris demonstrated:

Then we pounded metal stamps into the silver to make designs, as Dawn did:

After I was done with the stamping part, mine looked like this:

We rolled the ends together:

Then we soldered them before slipping the ring onto a mandrel to pound it into a circular shape:

Next, we polished our rings:

And then we did a whole bunch of other secret things before our rings were finally done:

I'm joking...they weren't secrets. But it was pretty late into the night by that time, and I got lax with the camera. Sorry about that.

Today I put together a quick card to send Chris. It's just a simple greeting so I can write a few words of thanks to her. I added a couple of elements for visual interest, though, starting with foam tape:

I think foam tape is such a great invention! It's perfect for giving dimension to your projects:

Then I sprinkled ultrafine glitter on the bows and belts of 8002K Girlfriends (shown with 10271E Along The Way). Finally, I used a Bow-Easy to make the tiny double-looped bow on top of the flower:

I hope Chris enjoys it almost as much as I enjoyed her class!


Chelsea said...

It was a fun weekend. Glad I got to see your jewelry here ..... I forgot to ask about that on Sunday! Take Care!

Tex Gerard said...

Such a Cute thank you card!!

And whoa ... that ring is very cool .... "secret stuff", eh??? Fun!