Friday, June 17, 2011

Blast From The Past

Did you notice this week's project on the main Inky website? It's an adorable paper bag card made by Debbie Fisher:

I've been doing some de-cluttering lately, and I ran across these other creations using those 4882K Tea & Prayer Girls:

The card on the left was made by Sue Nelson...way back in 2000, can you believe it? But it's still just as cute as ever, along with the mug-shaped greeting on the right by Belva Brown in 2003.

Belva created dozens and dozens of samples for us during the early 00s. (I've learned that's how you type what comes after the 80s and 90s, but how in the world do you say it?) She also made this pretty card:

I think it's interesting to see how cardmaking has changed over the years. For example, fewer embellishments were used back then...probably because there just wasn't as much available. Other than ribbon and maybe a few flowers, I don't recall having much else to work with. You even had to stamp your own patterned paper, as the number of paper companies was somewhat limited until scrapbooking really started getting popular.

And, while there were other brands of alcohol-based markers being touted, no one in the stamping world had even heard of Copics until much later. Of course, by then we were already avid fans of colored pencils and Gamsol, which we've stuck with ever since. (Both methods are great, but we'll always favor the latter.)

If you've been stamping for a while, how are things different for YOU now? Is there a product or technique you recall that really impacted the way you create? And what tried-and-true tools have remained your favorites?


Marie said...

I liked the CAS look...back then. Sometimes the cards today are over embellished, can not be mailed in a standard envelope and probably should be displayed on a wall. (if you don't mind dusting all the layers). I still prefer the Gamsol technique. The colors don't bleed through the paper and you can buy a lot of colored pencils for the price of one Copic. Gold metallic pen is a must have because 'I hate white edges'.

Bev Gerard said...

Just like you said ... I find it inspiring in its own right to look back at the beginning trends in rubber stamping. But lucky for me, some of my earlier discoveries were right here with Inky Antics! :-)


Barbara said...

My first attempts at stamping...a retiring teacher gave me all her classroom stamps...with years of ink on them. On to cleaning them. That was my start. Then I remembering embossing powder!! I embossed everything with silver and thought it was lovely! I too am a fan of gold and silver metallic pens and ribbon. I am now enjoying being an artist and love the prisma pencils and copic markers. I have returned to the CAS techniques since most of my cards are mailed. The post office loves it when I appear with all my cards.