Thursday, July 7, 2011

Summer Fun

Here's a little "summertime smile" for you...Trudy Sjolander posted today about a card she made using 0868F On The Beach:

With some creative masking and drawing, she turned it into this:

Boy, her card sure "cracks" me up! (Sorry, I just couldn't resist.) She also used 10856E Sunny Side Up on her project.

You can see the completed card here, along with details on how you can enter for a chance to win prizes. Who doesn't love prizes? So hop on over to Trudy's blog for some stamping inspiration... and have a great day, Inky friends!


True :) said...

I feel like I'm the 'butt" of your joke! LOL!
I love your stamps just the way they are but it was fun switching it up a bit to fit what I needed for the Twinery hop!

True :D

Jackie said...

No way,'ve done swimmingly and made quite a splash for yourself. I always love sea-ing what you'll come up with next! :-)

Marie said...

Love how you dove right into this card and made it summersational. ;-)

Caroline said...

love the humor it creates with just a couple added lines!