Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Weekend In Wisconsin

Last Friday, I drove to Cumberland, Wisconsin for our annual women's weekend:

We stay in the same vacation rental home each year, which is called Beaver Lake Landing. This is the beautiful view from the deck in back:

There were plenty of activities at the house. The spa treatments were out of this world:

Okay, I'm joking. Those were the girls' inflatable aliens, which we posed for a photo shoot during one of many moments of silliness.

As for the real activities? Well, Maddy made goof balls with Aunt Jean and shared them with everyone:

The women and older girls watched movies:

And the younger girls created their own bracelets:

Several people worked on scrapbooking projects. Ruthie took a break from making Inky store board samples to get some quilting done, too:

Jan spent quite a while cutting and scoring pieces for class packets that will be used in our HoneyPOP workshops at ScrapFest:

These classes are all sold out, so she had bunches of flowers to punch:

As for me, I was busy cutting up and stamping lots of honeycomb paper:

But I didn't spend the entire weekend indoors! Cumberland has a Rutabaga Festival every year, so we drove into town and paused to admire the combination hot-dog-stand-and-car-wash:

(I've been told that the Angry Wiener was once featured on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno, which showcased its namesake hot dog adorned with pepper relish and hot sauce.)

Here's a car that was in the auto show, driving past the craft vendors in the background:

Of course, I had to test out the rutabagas being prepared by these folks:

They were transformed into french fries, which were surprisingly tasty:

And the weekend is never complete without a trip to Bargain Bill's in Rice Lake:

You'll always be surprised by the variety of items in their huge warehouse. For example, they've got tubing...both the plastic kind:

And the sock kind:

Need some chips? Try the poker type:

Or perhaps the potato type:

Jamie modeled this enormous 18" whisk for me:

(I was tempted to buy it, but I resisted...because I rarely cook for a thousand people at once!)

Connected to the main warehouse is a giant craft store:

Oooh, look what I spotted there:

Bargain Bill's will also be receiving the new holiday HoneyPOP products later this week. So if you live in the area, please stop by to see them in person.

And since you've made it this far reading my post, I've got some BLOG CANDY as a little reward! Take a look back at the picture with the punched-out flowers. How many flowers do you think are on the table next to Jan's hands? (You can click on the photo to see a larger version, if you'd like.) Leave a comment with your best guess. One entry per person, please.

We'll take entries through Friday, September 2nd. On Saturday, I'll post the name of the person who was closest to the actual number without going over. That winner will receive their very own Inky class packet, same as the ones that will be used at ScrapFest to make four holiday HoneyPOP cards. Good luck to you!

Monday, August 29, 2011

Blog Hop Winner

Congratulations to stampscout, whose name was drawn from our Stamping Spaces Blog Hop entries. (Stampscout, please email me with your address.) To help organize her own creative area, her Inky prize pack will contain a Spool & Store Ribbon Spooler:

And to store her rolled-up ribbon, she'll also receive the Dispenser Kit:

Thanks to everyone who hopped with us and left comments. We're so glad you participated, and hopefully you enjoyed visiting our designers' studios.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Friday Funny Time

After our peek earlier this week at the Inky designers' spaces, I spent the last couple of days working on sample cards for our store board progam. Now it looks like my office/studio has literally exploded! I'm not going to show you photos of the wreckage, but let's just say it reminds me of this:

Of course, I can still function in it...well, pretty much:

I suppose I'll have to clean again soon. But sometimes I wonder "what is the point?" like Maxine:

And there's always the concern about throwing something away that I'll eventually need:

Of course, I'm only half joking. It does feel so much nicer when things are organized and I can actually find my supplies.

If you haven't checked out our Stamping Spaces Blog Hop, then please take a look and leave comments along the way. We're taking entries through Sunday for a random winner of an Inky prize pack, and I'll see you again here on Monday. Until then, hope you have a clean and clutter-free weekend!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Stamping Spaces Blog Hop

I've always enjoyed looking at other people's houses. (In fact, there was a time I'd actually considered becoming a realtor...but I figured "voyeuristic tendencies" probably wasn't one of the best reasons for choosing that particular career path, LOL.)

It's fun seeing at how someone else organizes and decorates their space, and I thought you might enjoy viewing our Inky designers' stamping spaces. So that's what we're doing for this month's blog hop!

Please visit each DT member's blog to peek at their crafting spot, and leave a comment for each designer. The more you comment, the better your chances are to win. (Limit one comment per blog, please).

The blog hop starts today and ends on Sunday, August 28th at midnight Central time. One person’s name will be drawn at random to receive a fun Inky prize pack. We'll announce the results next Monday, so remember to stop back and see if you’ve won.

Ready for the photo tours? Here's our hop order:


Once you're finished, please come back here to see my pictures below and leave a final comment. Happy hopping!

* * *

When I first moved in, my office/studio was in the upstairs guest bedroom. It felt a little cramped in there, but it was okay for a while.

Eventually I wanted to add a work table, so about a year later we brought everything downstairs and I took over the family room:

(We didn't move Bo downstairs. He did that all by himself.)

On the entire left wall of the room, here's the favorite part of my space:

I've shown you this wall system before, which is so handy for storing tons of stuff. In the first cabinet, my 8 1/2" x 11" solid cardstock is organized by color:

There is additional cardstock in the second cabinet, and the third cabinet contains magazines, catalogs, and other literature.

I keep my 12" x 12" solid cardstock in the bottom left drawer:

The other two drawers hold three-dimensional samples and other miscellaneous items.

I've got scissors, adhesives, ink pads, brushes & applicators, chalks & colored pencil sets, and additional supplies in the upper baskets. All of the lower baskets contain Inky sample cards, which are organized by theme:

As you turn the corner to the outside wall, there is a small two-shelf unit:

If you look closely, you might be able to spot HoneyPOP Clear Stamp SetsHoneycomb Paper Pads, and additional Inky clear sets in the upper baskets. Darcie's 12" x 18" patterned cardstock sheets are stacked on the two shelves.

To the right is an inkjet printer, which often features one of our cats draped over it:

Next to the printer is my desk:

I never thought I'd like using two monitors, but Steve insisted I give them a try. It turns out I don't like them...I love them! (Yes, you were right, honey.) Now I can keep two applications or folders open and easily see them both at the same time. I'm not sure whether it speeds up my productivity, but it sure is convenient.

To the right of the desk is a file cabinet. There's a Cuttlebug machine, embossing folders, and several QuicKutz Magnetic Storage Books (with Nestabilities dies inside) plus a white basket holding the CarlaCraft Binding System and coils:

On the ledge against the wall, printed recipe pages are stored in three-ring binders. (I know they're not work related, but you know me and what a foodie I am!) And can you see the Gamsol, blending stumps, and colored pencils right next to them?

Against the right wall is my work table. I use my Spool & Store System for loose ribbon, but I keep bolts and larger spools sorted by color and tucked away in big glass jars:

There's a radio, work light, two photography lights, and (more) cardstock, among other things. You can see the rotary paper cutter partially shown on the right. This is probably the stamping tool I use most often, followed closely by colored pencils & Gamsol and then the Scor-it-All Mini Board.

Finally, as you turn to the fourth wall, you'll see another storage unit. This one is from Ikea, and it's packed to the brim! The white boxes contain embellishments and stamps. The upper pink boxes are filled with supplies and materials for class kits, and the lower pink boxes corral bunches of punches:

(While I'm a big fan of Nestabilities, standard punches are faster when you need to make multiple sets of something. We use punches for our class kits and store monthly board samples.)

And there you have it...the complete tour! Thanks for hopping with us, and I'll see you back on the blog again soon.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Sunday Surprise

Yesterday Debbie spotted this adorable Inky card on Anna Wight's blog:

She used 10665K In My PJs as her main image, and I love her beautiful coloring. While I use colored pencils blended with Gamsol almost exclusively in my projects, I can sure appreciate other techniques...especially when they turn out as nicely as this.

Anna mentioned how "not everything needs to be evenly blended, or even completely filled in with color." How true!

Notice how she made the lady's eyes blue and added golden yellow around the edges of the image to make it "pop," too:

In her post, Anna said she'd been sorting and organizing her collection when she rediscovered this stamp. Isn't that one of the nice perks about something that might otherwise be a mundane task?

I've been doing some cleaning up myself lately, which prompted me to ask our designers to share photos of their own stashes. Wanna see? Then please join us tomorrow for a different kind of blog hop, where we take virtual tours of our stamping spaces!

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Dressed-Up HoneyPOP Snowman

Recently I visited the Archiver's store in Coon Rapids and showed this HoneyPOP card to Rachel, one of their friendly associates:

When I opened the card, this pop-out snowman greeted us:

Rachel exclaimed how cute it was, and then she paused for a moment and said, "Wouldn't it be fun to add a little scarf to the snowman?"

Well, that one got me thinking! It can be a bit tricky to add elements to the honeycomb shape itself, because the card needs to be able to fold flat for mailing. But I couldn't resist experimenting...so I started making my card as usual.

First, I stamped the penguin, hat, twig arm, and saying from 11054MC Penguin's Pal HoneyPOP Clear Set and added the images. Then I scored at 4 3/16" and 4 5/16", folded my card in half, and opened it back up again.

After I stamped and cut out the snowman-shaped piece on my White Honeycomb Pad, I placed it on the right side of the score marks and traced around the snowman with a pencil:

I flipped the snowman piece over to the left side of the score marks and traced again:

Both the snowman piece and the card base were white, so I decided to add a little definition by sponging light blue ink around my pencil marks:

(At this point, you can erase the pencil marks if you wish. I just left mine as is, because they didn't really show up once I glued in my snowman piece.)

I added a small strip of red-lined tape on the neck area:

Next, I peeled off the release paper and adhered a 6" piece of red ribbon to the card at the center:

I glued one side of my snowman piece right on top of the ribbon:

Then I used my glue stick on the other side of the snowman piece, compressed the honeycomb paper with my fingers, and closed up the card to adhere it. When I opened my card, this is how it looked:

I pulled the left ribbon across the snowman and put a tiny square of red-lined tape on the ribbon. Then I pulled the right ribbon across the left ribbon and adhered it into place.

I put another square of red-lined tape onto the right ribbon:

Finally, I flipped the right ribbon up and over before gently pressing down to adhere. I also snipped both ends of the ribbon at an angle:

Ta da...a honeycomb snowman with a ribbon scarf:

I chose a lightweight ribbon so it would bend easily, and it did indeed fold up nicely into place when I closed my card.

Thanks to Rachel for her neat suggestion. Please let us know if you decide to give this a try!