Friday, August 19, 2011

Magazine Spots & More Friday Funnies

Last month at CHA, Ludmila from Scrapbook Quebec visited our booth:

We look forward to seeing her at every show, but this time was especially fun because she brought goodies for me:

Not only does Ludmila own her store, but she's also the Editor in Chief of Scrapbook Extra magazine.

In the Volume 6, Number 2 issue, our 11024MC Birthday Elephant HoneyPOP Clear Set and Yellow Honeycomb Pads were featured in an article:

Also, the September issue of CardMaker magazine mentions the HoneyPOP Collection:

We're listed in their "favorite products" section:

(At the time their magazine went to print, we had 12 HoneyPOP Clear Stamp Sets and 10 colors of Honeycomb Paper Pads available. Since then, we've added items so we're up to 18 different clear sets and 13 honeycomb paper colors addition to our new Honeycomb Assortment Packs in Cool, Warm, and Neutral.)

By the way, they also had a great article all about Trudy Sjolander, who is one of our talented Inky designers:

And now it's time for a laugh! Here in Minnesota, road construction is always going on somewhere during the summer months (to fix all that wear and tear from the harsh winters).

I didn't take the photos below, but wouldn't it be funny if you saw this sign:

Today our friend Joe is leaving for a work trip to Korea. I think it'd be hilarious if he ran into this strange notice outside a public lavatory:

Finally, last week you met Lola on our blog. Today we're giving the nod to our feline friends with a look at this crabby cat:

It almost makes me want to see if we can get our own Oscar to look similar, just for fun:

Well, maybe would be fun for us but not him. Hope YOUR weekend is more cheerful!

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Bev Gerard said...

AWESOME publications news!!!
Way to go, Inky Antics!
Happy Dancing in Texas for y'all!

***giggles over kitty***