Friday, October 21, 2011

Friday Funnies: Mice

Did you see yesterday's post on the terrific cards created by the Lilac Inkers? Thought I'd piggyback on the theme with a few mouse jokes:

What do mice do when they're at home?

What mouse was a Roman emperor?
Julius Cheeser.

Who was the leader of the Chinese mouse revolution?
Mouse Tse-tung.

What is a mouse’s favorite game?
Hide and squeak.

How do you save a drowning mouse ?
Use mouse to mouse resuscitation.

(And my personal favorite...)

What do angry rodents send each other at Christmas time?
Cross-mouse cards.

Hope you have a chance to set aside YOUR "mousework" and make time to stamp this weekend, Inky readers!

And if you're attending the Strongsville show, please stop by the Inky booth to say hello. (Let me know which joke was your favorite...really. I have a good ulterior motive for asking.)


Marie said...

You are too too funny! Have to remember these for the little grandsons! How do you always find such unique, appropriate topics?

Eve said...

this is great! lol :-)