Thursday, October 6, 2011

Halloween Riddle Book

Earlier this year, Polly from The Stamp Act in El Paso, Texas emailed photos of a Halloween book she made a while back using our stamps. I've been waiting until it was the right season to show you...and now that time has come!

Polly used several Inky images and Halloween riddles to decorate her project, and I think her results are just adorable. Here's 10713G Fritz Frankenstein, who's holding a spider yo-yo with googly eyes:

Here's the answer to the 10690D Ghoul Friend riddle:

I love how she stamped 10707F Gabby Ghost on vellum to make the image translucent and oh-so-ghostly:

Can you guess the answer to 10676D Ghost's Dessert? Yep, you got it:

Our little 10712F Winifred Witch isn't scary at all:

But she'll satisfy your appetite for FUN when paired with 10688D Sand Witch:

There's also 10711F Shelton Skeleton, who sounds a bit hungry:

But he's not eating a sandwitch...nope, it's 10689D Spare Ribs for him:

Polly "wrapped up" her project with 10710F Mortimer Mummy for this page, which is the same stamp that Debbie used for the October email newsletter project that I mentioned in Tuesday's post:

Cheesecloth makes a perfect embellishment for 10678D Mummy's Favorite:

Thanks so much to Polly for sharing her awesome project with us! Which riddle is YOUR favorite?

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Patti J said...

Oh my goodness - this is so much fun! I'd never have thought to do this - Great idea by Polly - thanks for sharing!!! My fave is the wrap music!