Friday, November 25, 2011

Friday Funnies: Black Friday

I know you've probably got a lot to do's Black Friday, after all! Here's a cartoon that pokes fun at the extreme lengths to which some folks will go in their quest to find the best sales:

Usually I find it's easier to do most of my holiday shopping online. Sometimes it's a little too easy:

Of course, it's good not to wait until the last minute. As long as you don't start too early, like this man:

It was just after Thanksgiving, and the judge was in a happy mood. He asked the defendant, "What are you charged with?"

The defendant replied, "Doing my Christmas shopping too early."

"That's no crime," said the judge. "Just how early were you doing this shopping?"

"Before the shop opened," answered the man.

It can be tough battling those crowds, though! That's why, most of all, it's important to keep your sense of humor while shopping.  And always remember, Santa is our friend:


Krystil said...

LMBO!! Thanks for the laugh! I am NOT one of those crazy people out shopping. I like to stay home, in the calm of my house, with my family. :o)

Jovita said...

Thanks for the morning laugh. I don't dare venture out on Black Friday, some people get a little crazy!

Chelsea said...

Hilarious ... I did computer shopping and real life early morning shopping today too!

Dee in N.H. said...

Too funny! I am not a shopper and avoid that crush!

Jackie Wamhoff said...

I did that one year, too, Chelsea...but not anymore. ;-) Krystil, Jovi, and Dee: I agree, heavy duty shopping in the crowds just isn't quite my "thing" anymore! Thanks for reading, ladies!