Friday, December 16, 2011

Friday Funnies: Pictionary

Last Saturday, we went to the annual Wamhoff Christmas party at Auntie Terri and Uncle Gary's house. It's always a festive event, filled with eating too much food, catching up on news with the relatives, and singing carols (I know, isn't that so dang wholesome?!).

My favorite part of the evening was playing Pictionary in an epic battle of the boys vs. the girls! We had to persuade a reluctant Uncle Kurt to join us in the fun:

His sketch looked funny, but it got his idea across:

Cousin Matt's first drawing really had me stumped at first:

Can you figure it out? Yep, it's a tool chest!

Not all of the pictures were obvious, sometimes even to the players themselves. Uncle Gary had to consult his card to make sure he drew the right object:

It was a rattlesnake, which I missed. I didn't guess correctly on Matt's second drawing, either, but luckily the other women on my team "got the point" better than me:

Darts, anyone? Auntie Irene's drawing made more sense to me:

In fact, I guessed right both times:

That's right, bride and Florida. But I was a little confused by Auntie Terri's creation:

What's your guess? Not that I'm any better at drawing than guessing! In fact, I was lucky that Cousin Arlene is so good at the latter, considering what she had to work with:

Of course, it seemed obvious to me:

As you can see, I was thinking of 2031E Melty S'more the whole time I drew my marshmallow. Good thing for Inky that we work with real artists like Tammy, huh? Otherwise I'm afraid our stamp line would be pretty pathetic, LOL!

Here was another one of my fabulous creations:

Doesn't that look like a castle to you?

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debb said...

I have never played Pictionary but you have given me a great idea for our holiday get together! Thank you!

Birdie said...

Love this post and submitted my guess.

Sheri said...

Sure helps to actually be there. My guessing is better in the heat of the moment.

Dee in N.H. said...

Too funny! It looks like you guys had a lot of fun! What a great idea!