Friday, December 9, 2011

Honeycomb Borders & Blooms

The name of Michelle Pearson's blog, Inspiration Blooms, is so appropriate. Not only would I say her creativity has bloomed (and I mean that'll see why below) but rather exploded in a burst of genius!

Okay, that sounds a little bit scary, LOL. Let me back up a bit. Michelle recently used 11054MC Penguin's Pal HoneyPOP Clear Set and a White Honeycomb Paper Pad to create a pop-out "surprise" for the interior of her card:

She wrote, "I love using the pads for their intended add fun embellishments to the insides of your cards...however I hate throwing away my Honey Comb scraps!"

Leave it to Michelle to come up with an innovative and super cool solution! She explains more in the following photos (which you can click to enlarge, if you wish):

Notice how Michelle indicated the orienation of her cut pieces with arrows. In other words, the arrows run in the same direction as the glue lines on the Honeycomb Paper Pad.

When she wrote how the options are endless, she wasn't kidding! Here are even more nifty borders:

They look fantastic on your stamped projects! Take a peek at the decorated front of Michelle's card:

At first, I was wondering if I could achieve similar results on my own. But it really was pretty darn easy! As Michelle instructed earlier, after cutting out the honeycomb shape, I pulled apart the ends to stretch out the piece, and then rotated and flattened it to make the border:

In the video, I put red-lined tape on upper edge of the border because I planned to cover it with ribbon. Then I placed more red-lined tape on the opposite side to adhere it to the card I was making.

For this card, Michelle skipped the red-lined tape and sewed it onto the panel instead:

Oh, but wait, there's more...MUCH more, in fact:

That's right, honeycomb rosettes! I fell in love instantly when I saw them. And not just a few, but lots of different designs are possible:

What a gorgeous embelllishment for this card, which was stamped with 11053MC Ornament Birdy HoneyPOP Set:


You can even use the borders and rosettes together for an amazing combination:

Notice how she overlapped the pieces to make the icicle border. And just to top things off (again, literally), Michelle made a coordinating card with another honeycomb border:

Thanks so much to Michelle for sharing her wonderful technique and great photos!

Are you feeling inspired to make some borders and rosettes of your own? If so, please let us know how they turn out...we'd love to hear about your honeycomb-decorated creations!


Shalady88 - Tricia said...

What great ideas! So glad she shared!

Suziestamper said...

OH MY GOSH!! Amazing! Thank you so much for sharing! I hate to throw anything away too.

Anonymous said...

OH MY GOSH! Amazing! Thanks for sharing. I hate throwing scraps away too. Suziestamper

LauraLee said...

Exactly what Suziestamper said! OMGosh!!

The possibilities are endless!! Thanks so much for sharing!! Love it!!

Marie said...

Utterly amazing, Michelle! Love your creativity and frugalness! TFS

Jovita said...

Thanks to Michelle I think I should start saving my scraps. The rosettes are wonderful, as all her honeycomb creations.

stamping sue said...

WOW!!! i will now look at my left over pieces in a whole new light!!! thank you
stamping sue

Luba said...

Thanks for showing us what you can do with the scraps. Can't wait to create with the leftover scraps.