Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Back From Mesquite

I returned home on Monday evening from our first show of the year in Mesquite, Texas. What a great way to start off the 2012 convention season!

We got to visit with Tex (one of our wonderful Inky designers) and her charming husband, Ron (whom we were lucky enough to have as a "weekend employee" in the booth):

When this delightful lady stopped by my demo table, we couldn't stop admiring her necklace:

Here's a closer look, so you can see what I mean:

Isn't it fabulous? Not only did she make it herself, but she offered to show us how to do it, too!

(Unfortunately, I wrote her name on a slip of paper, and now I can't find it anywhere. Apparently I have the memory of a sand flea these days, as I'm embarrassed to admit that I cannot recall her name. If you're reading this post, Necklace Lady From Mesquite, would you please email me so I can give you proper credit?)

She graciously allowed me to take a video so that I could share it with our blog readers:

Although she used a ribbon to demonstrate the flower-making process, she said that 2" strips of cloth (about 18" long) would probably be easier to use since they're less slippery.

She adhered each flower to cloth backing and hot glued them together for her necklace:

I'll bet they'd make pretty pins, too. If you decide to give these flowers a try, we'd love to hear about it!


Dawn's Craft Place said...

Isn't it amazing how many fun and interesting people you meet at convention and shows?
I love that she demoed for you and it could be shared.

Jackie Wamhoff said...

You're absolutely right, Dawn. It's one of the best parts of my job. :-) We've got awesome customers!

Debbie said...

Jackie, you have a great booth and amazing demos. It was great meeting you. From the 'Necklace Lady from Mesquite' to the 'Inky Antics Lady of SSAT'...what a show! :)