Friday, March 23, 2012

Friday Funnies: Dogs

Sometimes dogs can be helpful:

While at other times, not so much:

There are the cute types:

And those who are funny:

We spotted that "car dog" when we were in California for the Carson show earlier this month, and he made us crack up! Here's a closer view:

This little guy is both cute and funny:

Speaking of funny, I kept bugging Ted to tell his dog joke so I could share it with our blog readers. After we finally got packed up from the Carson show, he agreed to let me record it:

Hope you have a dog-gone great day, Inky friends!

1 comment:

Sue D said...

Very funny! I like Ted's joke and the dog in the dishwasher--I have seen dogs licking from outside of the dishwasher but never from inside.