Thursday, March 1, 2012

HoneyPOP Pop-Up Mechanism

If you joined in our Spring HoneyPOP Blog Hop last week, today's post is repeating part of that. I'm writing this so I can add a link to the Tutorials section in the right sidebar.

As you may recall, Michelle Pearson created this adorable card featuring 11085MC Balancing Elephant HoneyPOP Set (drawn by artist Tammy DeYoung)

On the inside, here's the fun HoneyPOP element using our new Rainbow Honeycomb Pad for the ball:

This was my version for the product label and other promotional items:

And the inside looked like this:

Behind the elephant, there's a pop-up mechanism that prevents Ellie's face from being scored and folded in the card when it closes:

For instructions on how to make the second card, including that pop-up mechanism, click here for the PDF file.

The same pop-up mechanism will also work with 11089MC Teacup Mouse HoneyPOP Set (also drawn by artist Tammy DeYoung)

However, I don't think it's essential. You hardly notice the score marks on the mousie's face in Jovi Kloess's sweet card:

If you decide you'd like to add the pop-up mechanism for the mousie, just reduce the dimensions on the cardstock strip to 3/8" x 1 1/2", and then score at 1/4", 3/4", and 1 1/4". Happy HoneyPOP stamping, Inky friends!


Shalady said...

Honey Pop....wiht a POP! Great idea! Thanks!

stamping sue said...

How nice of you to do a written tutorial on your pop up. thank you
stamping sue

Jackie Wamhoff said...

Thanks for your nice comments, Shalady and Sue. I always appreciate your taking time to write. :-)

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